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Sweet, warm, and always on-trend, honey blonde hair is the perfect springtime hair color for 2020. This soft shade is ideal for a low maintenance hue that requires less upkeep than ash blonde or platinum. The neutral tones complement every complexion and blend naturally into your virgin hair for a look that’s effortlessly beautiful. If getting a new color is on your mind, check out these handy tips for maintaining honey blonde hair before you make the leap to the lighter side of the hair spectrum.

Glossy Goals

Boxed dyes can deceive even the most beauty-savvy Denver trendsetters! Going from one color to another is not a one-step process, especially if you’re taking dark hair more than a shade or two lighter. Your stylist will recommend the right process for achieving long-lasting color — without damaging your hair. This includes appropriate lightener to match your natural hue.

Another step your stylist will likely recommend is a restorative gloss treatment. Think of gloss as a shield to lock in shine and prevent your hair from looking faded or brassy. A luxury gloss treatment fills in porous strands to create a smooth, shiny, totally Instagram-worthy look. This extra step is highly important when it comes to protecting against sun damage, which can easily take your honey blonde locks to mousy brown or copper.

Embrace Your Roots

Unlike lighter blonde hues that require frequent root upkeep, honey blonde hair is the one color that lets you celebrate the contrast. Don’t try to cover up your roots with extra lightener — embrace them! Go a few shades darker at the root line for a sultry vibe that fades seamlessly into rich, honey blonde tones. The best root shades include golden brown lowlights, a warm chocolate base layer that can extend to a peek-a-boo highlight, and simple mocha brown.

As your color begins to fade, the blended effect will appear natural instead of being a signal for a root touch up. This is a great trick for keeping honey blonde hair vibrant for longer.

Also, add a little moisture infused styling oil to your roots and ends on days when you skip a full shampoo and conditioner treatment to give your color an extra glow.

Maintain the Gold Standard

When it comes to maintaining honey blonde hair, there are a few key rules to keep in mind. Sun exposure, hard water and chlorine damage, and harsh chemicals are all imminent threats when it comes to ruining your flawless radiance. Don’t leave the salon without stocking up on a high-quality clarifying shampoo, like Kérastase’s Bain Chromatique Riche. It’s designed to protect hair from common pollutants and restore hydration and natural softness. Also, treat your hair to a masque each week for a DIY spa day that will enrich your color.

If you’re noticing the telltale signs of fading, such as brassy undertones creeping into your roots and a greenish hue dominating the lighter strands, it’s time to stop by the salon for a touch up! Experts recommend reviving your color every six to eight weeks.

If you’ve waited a bit too long between visits and find that your honey blonde hue isn’t quite as rich and sunny as you recall, never fear! This shade is very forgiving and can easily be transitioned into deep, flirtatious sombre. Honey blonde is the ideal shade of lighter hair for those who enjoy changing up their color every few months. With less commitment than platinum tones, the possibilities are endless. You can add subtle highlights, lowlights, and even subtle strands of pastel pinks and violets.

Get your spring style on track at Deseo Salon & BlowDry with a fresh pop of honey blonde to brighten your day! Schedule an appointment with our expert stylists to get started.

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