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Ever dreamed of long, luxurious hair without the awkward growth stage? Love changing your style every few months and experimenting with different colors and highlights? Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to make your hair dreams come true with professional hair extensions. Sew in hair extensions in Denver are the latest trend on our hair love list. These extensions are easy to maintain, long-lasting, resilient, and ideal for those looking to embark on a bold new style adventure.

If you’ve been curious about sew in hair extensions or are considering getting sew in hair extensions in Denver, look no further. We’ve created the ultimate guide to faux locks. All of your hair-pulling questions and style inspiration can be found in one simple spot. Come along for the journey with the hair care pros at Deseo.

What Are Sew In Hair Extensions?

Sew in hair extensions are among the most popular types you’ll see on celebrities. These are the nearly invisible faux locks everyone wants! This type of hair extension is sewn directly into your natural hair at the crown. This gives it a more blended, seamless look. Unlike tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions, where the tape or clip can become visible as the hair begins to grow out or you sweep it up, sew in hair extensions stay nearly invisible. Deseo Salon & BlowDry only uses 100% REMY wefts that feel and behave just like real hair — because they are!

How Do We Install Sew In Extensions?

The unique installation method behind sew in hair extensions is the foundation of why these extensions look so naturally glamorous. Your stylist will design a ring of natural hair below the scalp line. From there, we can add subtle volume depending on the number of hair extensions attached to the crown. If high fashion and lots of bold drama are more your style, the look can be custom-tailored to suit your preference at this stage in the process. 

Our hand-tied hair extensions are an exquisite example of this method in action. We carefully lay each strand with high-quality human hair. Because we use real hair, the cuticles remain intact to strengthen the bond. Professionals also ensure the hair always lies in one direction when adhered to your natural locks. The process is made possible by hand-beading the delicate weft just below the scalp line and adding the extensions in strand by strand. Best of all, hand-tied hair extensions do not require heat or chemicals to seal the process, making this unique application method an option for fragile hair types.

Sew in extensions take a bit more time than other methods. However, the glamorous results are well worth the extra minutes spent at your favorite salon.

I’m Ready for Sew In Hair Extensions in Denver! What Are the Benefits of These Faux Locks Over Other Kinds of Hair Extensions?

Sew in extensions feature an artisan technique that’s well worth the patience and commitment. The major selling point of these extensions is that there’s no need to worry about them slipping or revealing your hair secrets with exposed tape. Sew in hair extensions are soft and vibrant. They can align perfectly with your natural hair’s movement and texture. This look doesn’t require heat or glue to complete the process.

In addition, people with medium and short hair can enjoy sew in extensions. They’re considered a semi-permanent type of extension that is more resilient than other types. This makes sew in hair extensions ideal for active Denver beauty glam goddesses. These extensions are highly customizable in terms of volume and length. A myriad of colors, highlights, and curl patterns is available to design a style that’s unique to you. Sew in extensions are even available in balayage and ombre tones. 

In short, if you can dream it, our salon professionals can install it with a little time in the salon chair and a lot of gorgeous, luxurious length.

How Long Do Sew In Hair Extensions Last?

The best part of sew in hair extensions? Long-lasting luxury!

Many of our clients are surprised to find that sew in hair extensions in Denver stay radiant style after style. A good rule of thumb is that sew in extensions should be transitioned every six to eight weeks. However, real human hair wefts can often last far longer with a proper care routine and a simple repositioning appointment as your hair grows out.

Do Sew In Hair Extensions Work for All Hair Types?

example of sew-in hair extensions in Denver

An important consideration for those looking to enjoy faux locks is the application method. We’ve discussed how professionals install sew in hair extensions. But it’s worth noting that the installation method adds weight to your natural hair. Because we sew these extensions directly onto the crown, sew in extensions work best with thicker hair types. Naturally thick hair is excellent for this type of extension. However, medium and even healthy but delicate hair can be crafted to suit sew in hair extensions when styled by a professional.

That said, if your hair is thin, delicate, or compromised from chemical processing, frequent heat treatment, and coloring, then sew in hair extensions may not be the best option. Brittle hair is prone to breakage, and the added weight can cause additional damage to your natural locks. Sew in extensions place extra pressure on the scalp, as well, occasionally leading to headaches, itchiness, and discomfort. 

But if you find that sew in hair extensions don’t fit your natural hair type, don’t panic. Tape-in and clip-in hair extensions are great alternatives. With the right style squad behind you, these extensions can create a natural, seamless look.

How Should I Care for My Sew In Extensions to Maximize Their Lifespan?

When you’re considering getting sew in extensions in Denver, read up on home haircare routines. You’ll get the most out of your extension appointment with good haircare habits. Here are the know-before-you-go quick facts on caring for sew in extensions at home.


  • Schedule regular salon visits for repositioning and replacement.
  • Use a high-quality, protein-rich shampoo and conditioner duo from Kérastase.
  • Wrap your hair before bed, or use a silk pillowcase.
  • Always apply heat protectant when styling.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner, but avoid the application site itself.
  • Wear a cap when swimming, especially in chlorinated water.
  • Rock loose hairstyles at the gym, and add moisturizing dry shampoo to your gym bag.


  • Expose your hair to harsh sunlight, chlorine, hard water, and other harsh elements.
  • Wash your hair within the first 48 hours of installation.
  • Excessively heat treat your faux locks.
  • Use shampoo, conditioner, or any product with a silicone base, including sculpting and styling gels or mattes. 
  • Neglect a sulfate-free, hydration-rich wash routine.
  • Overwash your extensions. Give your faux locks a break between showers.
  • Ignore signs that your extensions need to be moved or replaced. Going too long between salon appointments can cause breakage to your natural locks.

Ready to embark on the hair adventure of your dreams? Looking to take the first step with sew in hair extensions in Denver? Then stop by our salon chairs today to find your new look. Reach out to our style squad for a consultation on the best hair extension options for your unique style goals, and join the faux locks revolution at Deseo.

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