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From flawless roots to soft, seamless ends (no splits here!), we love everything about our Colorado clients’ hair! When it comes to styling short or wispy baby hairs, it can be challenging to find a look that suits your personal style. These are the fine hairs that escape your up-do and can frizzily frame your face. Wispy hairs can seem messy and unkempt without a little extra TLC. So learn some style secrets and everyday tips about how to style baby hairs from the salon pros at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. We’ll keep you looking — and feeling — fab until your next visit!

High Fashion Pigtails

Take a line from Tessa Thompson’s book of style and rock the day with chic, slicked back pigtails. Think chunky braids with delicate spiral curls accenting your forehead.

All you’ll need is a comb (a toothbrush or small brow brush also works great), a generous amount of styling spray (we recommend Kerastase’s Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil), and some hair ties. The key to mastering this look is making your style work with your baby hairs so the finished product looks intentionally edgy and daring.

Style Baby Hairs with a Messy Bun

In a rush? No time to tame your wispy locks? A messy bun is a style classic that isn’t about to leave the hair trend scene any time soon. Embrace the hot mess (emphasis on the hot!) by focusing on the rest of your hair instead of your fly-aways. A few loose strands along your scalp will create an ethereal, boho faerie aesthetic that works well with a loose sock bun.

Mix it up by going for two buns or rocking a half-up, half-down gypsy vibe.

Smooth Sailing

Instead of fighting with your lovely locks to get baby hairs to lay flat against your natural hairline, change your part to sweep hair up and back. Zoe Saldana’s long, wispy tresses are the perfect #styleinspo for a luxurious wave that blends hair seamlessly into one smooth look.

If your hair is naturally delicate, adding a bit of V.I.P. – Volume in Powder can help give your locks the red carpet volume they’ve been waiting for. A Brazilian Blowout is another fabulously easy way to keep hair smooth and seamless while hiding wispy ends. Book your next appointment today and enjoy 12 weeks of sleek locks before it’s time for a touch-up.

For the Love of Short Hair

From pixie cuts to undercuts, growing out short hair can leave a lot of loose ends — literally! The in-between phase of a short haircut can be especially difficult to navigate. Embrace your wild side by making the transition a little more fun.

Work those baby hairs with the help of a high-quality gel or clay-like Kevin Murphy’s ROUGH.RIDER. Infused with soya bean extracts and golden bamboo, this professional-grade formula sculpts and molds your hair while strengthening the roots. Slick back wispy ends and create a myriad of edgy looks from faux hawks to long, spiked bobs.

Have a Go-To Routine to Style Baby Hairs

Creative styles are fun for weekends and nights out, but nothing can replace the value of an everyday routine. It’s not always easy to style baby hairs, but there are a few simple tricks to add to your everyday beauty arsenal.

1. Water

Nothing beats a little H2O when it comes to styling wispy hairs! Keep a spray bottle of water handy to mist your hairline prior to drying and combing. This will help lock hair into place and simplify your routine.

2. Blow Dry

Gently pull hair about an inch from your scalp and blow dry strands into place. Use a nourishing heat protecting spray to prevent damage.

3. Comb It Out

Using a small comb, toothbrush, or brow brush, finish your routine by smoothing delicate hairs into place. Now you’re ready to head out in style!

When it’s time for your next #treatyourself day, give our friendly style pros a call. We’re here to help style wispy hair, thick hair, and everything in-between.

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