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Want to capture the light whenever you walk into a room? Highlights in Denver, CO, are often the first look that comes to mind when considering a bright, shine-enhancing style to bring out depth and movement in your hair. Of course, if you’re looking to add even more wow factor to your look, you can take the process a step further with a variety of ultra-bright techniques designed for your unique color match. Babylights, heavy blonding, and microfoils are stunning options for those caught between highlights and all over color. We’ll make the decision a little easier by blending the best of both worlds — literally!

Take a look at the different highlighting techniques available at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver. You’ll be amazed at the detail and care a luxury salon treatment provides. These highlight trends are far beyond basic. Bring out the radiance in your hair through the magic of high-glamor styling. Get inspired by these three techniques for achieving luminous hair.


Babylights are fine, delicate sections of hair that your stylist carefully highlights to one or two shades lighter than your base color. Take it from our glam squad friends at L’Oréal Paris, who have dubbed babylights as a baby blonde, sun-kissed dream. “Think about how your hair looked after spending a summer day outside when you were a kid. We’re talking about those light, highlighted streaks that would pop up over the summer months, only to disappear by the season’s end.” With babylights, the summer never ends. You can capture a natural splash of sunlight to add shade and dimension to your natural locks year-round.

This unique lightening technique brings out the youthful aesthetic in any hair type. Also, the end result is softer and more natural than a standard highlight or ombre. When paired correctly to match your base color, your stylist can help you achieve a bolder look if desired. Most babylights tend to fall on the chic and sophisticated end of the hair spectrum with muted hues. But they can also be a statement-making change if you choose to go several shades up from your base.

The maintenance for babylights is similar to traditional highlights in Denver, despite their much more sophisticated look. Experts recommend a touch-up every 12-14 weeks. Best of all, these subtle tones look fantastic in-between styling sessions as they blend more naturally with your base color. So even if you miss a salon trip or two, your radiance will still shine with gorgeous, understated babylights.

Heavy Blonding

Think blonde, but better.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not highlights can work with blonde hair, wonder no more! Heavy blonding is a unique highlighting technique designed to bring out the brilliance in light and cool hair tones. Shades ranging from ash to caramel can be matched with a highlight level that best suits their distinct hue. Depending on the desired final outcome, your stylist can help you achieve a bold, edgy highlight or a natural blended look.

What’s the secret behind heavy blonding? 

It’s all in the placement of the foils and the volume of lightness. For example, if you want to dramatically underscore a darker shade of blonde like honey blonde, caramel, or iced latte tones, going a shade or two lighter for your highlights will take the look up a level. Unlike standard highlights in Denver, heavy blonding involves adding as many foils as possible to create a more all over color look that doesn’t lose depth and layering. It’s the perfect technique for those looking to make their blonde even blonder.


Microfoils have less dimension than traditional highlights, so they won’t appear as chunky or defined. These ethereal highlights are also known by the techniques of micro blonding and micro lights. The key feature that distinguishes microfoils from babylights is the ultra-fine width of microfoils. The subtle, more natural look of these can be blended well to create a textured but smooth aesthetic. As the name implies, microfoils are itty bitty. These foils are layered on top of one another in an illusion of all over color without losing the tone a highlight effect can give. 

Microfoils are a great option for short to medium-length hair, as well as bangs. The subtle hint of a gradient captures the light well. This gives the illusion of added volume to shorter hair. On bangs, microfoils can be especially striking, either on their own for an asymmetrical look or woven throughout your hair. Microfoils work well in curly hair as well as straight. Your stylist can help you find the best way to incorporate microfoils into your hair.

Want to take the whimsical faerie-esque look to the next level? Consider pairing microfoils with pastel fashion colors. This look is one of our favorite rising trends to bring out your inner unicorn. Consider hazy purples, violets, blue, sapphire, or a light shade of pink layered with blonde. The result is simply stunning and sure to deliver sheer brilliance.

Visit Deseo for Your Favorite Highlight Look

Woman with professional, specialty highlights in Denver

Getting highlights in Denver is so much more than simply adding a few foils. Discover the magic of different highlighting techniques and what each design can do for your hair. All over highlights with delicate, smaller foils are quickly becoming one of the most popular looks for high fashion and luxury salons. Tiny highlights work great in straight, wavy, and curly hair to deliver a pop of luminosity. Are you wondering where to get babylights in Denver or looking for the right salon for heavy blonding? Maybe you’ve seen a few microfoil looks and can’t wait to try it out for yourself. Whatever your inspiration, our style team is ready to bring your vision to life.

Book your glow up today. Your hair deserves to be in the spotlight! Let us light up your look and brighten your day with an amazing new hair color and highlights in Denver.

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