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Bright hair colors are all the rage in today’s trending hairstyle scene. Celebrities seem to step out with a new fashion hair color every other week, leading many artfully inspired coloristas to assume managing vivid hair color is simple and effortless. Like most celebrity Instagram moments, the false perfection of bright hair color can be misleading.

In reality, the process and maintenance behind bright hair colors aren’t always so black and white. Color is a commitment. It’s one every Rocky Mountain beauty guru should be prepared for before making the change. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is the premier high-end hair color salon in Denver, Colorado. Our team of expertly trained colorists has put together a paint-by-numbers approach to going bold and staying bright.

Join us on a colorful journey into the magic behind the look.

Bright Hair Colors: The Process

Woman with professionally dyed fashion hair color

Bright hair colors are among the most popular shades of fashion hair color to hit the style scene. Unlike pastels, vivid jewel tones command attention and make a statement. It’s no wonder so many of our clients are interested in going sapphire blue, hot pink, or brilliant electric green.

The most important rule for achieving vivid hair color is never relying on boxed dyes for Instagram-worthy results. Bold hair colors require professional expertise. Our stylists undergo ongoing education in the latest hair coloring techniques and trends. We also incorporate recommendations from the world-renowned Wella hair color institute. Using only the highest quality, internationally acclaimed products from Wella, we’re able to achieve imaginative tones and styles that won’t fry or damage your hair.

The road to brilliant color begins with a consultation. Your stylist will: 

  • Listen to your goals for your fashion hair color.
  • Assess your natural shade.
  • Apply lightener as needed for your specific hair type and texture. 

This prevents over-processing, which can dry out delicate hair and lead to breakage and dullness. Darker shades often need a lift to bring out the boldest, brightest color. Box dyes fall short of achieving the same stunning end result. So it’s best to color inside the lines and leave the first application to the professionals.

Caring for and Maintaining Bright Hair Colors

Woman with long hair with red and pink fashion hair color highlights

Hair color is an art form, and like any art, it requires patience, time, and dedication. Many clients come to us with questions on maintaining bright red hair and other hues that typically fall under the label of high maintenance. 

Some hues tend to be hard on your hair. The most complex to maintain include ultra platinums like iced blue or vivid shades like pink, red, blue, and purple. Red hair tones, including hot pinks and magentas, have a tendency to turn brassy if not cared for properly. But blues and violets can go from a fantasy of color to a dull dishwater green.

Creating a color care regimen is a must for bright hair colors. While exact care may vary by shade, a simplified “day in the life of a colorista” guide includes these steps:

  • Minimize hair washes to three to four times per week, and rely on a high-quality dry shampoo such as Oribe’s Gold Lust formula for in-between days. This will help your color last longer.
  • Shampoo and condition fashion hair colors with a high-quality, sulfate-free formula designed to hydrate and maintain color without stripping away shine and sleekness. Kérastase’s professional product line is one of the best shampoo and conditioner blends for maintaining bright hair colors. The brand’s exclusive purple formula can even be used to color correct and maintain ultra-light blond and platinum colors.
  • Rinse hair with bottled water or invest in a water softener. In Denver, calcium deposits and other minerals create what’s known as “hard water,” which can strip away color pigment. To keep your hair looking its boldest and brightest, use care when showering.

Seasonal and Long-Term Fashion Hair Color Tips

  • Always use a heat protectant spray prior to straightening or flat ironing. When outside, protect your color from harsh UV rays with a spray-on protectant or a stylish sun hat. Air dry your locks whenever possible to minimize breakage.
  • Avoid chlorine and saltwater. When possible, opt for enjoying summer fun in Colorado’s beautiful lakes and ponds. Shielding your hair entirely with hats, headbands, scarves, or up in a high bun is always the best option. However, if you must swim, give your colorful style some extra love afterward with a nourishing masque treatment.
  • Visit your friendly neighborhood luxury salon in the heart of Jefferson Park every four to six weeks for a color retouch. Consider pairing it with a gloss and toner treatment to enhance the shine so your hue is truly vibrant.

Book your first fashion hair color appointment today with our colorista squad at Deseo. 

Not sure if maintaining bright hair colors is for you? Consider colorful hair extensions as a low-maintenance, high-fashion alternative!

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