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Pastel hues are the most ethereal trend to hit the Denver, Colorado hair scene! From soft pink to wild teal and green, a bold pop of color in dark hair can create an easy but exciting look. Unfortunately, many aspiring unicorns shy away from light, whimsical hair color out of fears of fading and high-maintenance upkeep. Don’t let hair anxiety keep you from achieving your magical beauty goals! Maintaining pops of color in dark hair is easy with a few simple guidelines and help from the experts.

1. Start with Professional Color

When it comes to maintaining pops of color (or any color), nothing is more important than starting off with the right foundation. Achieving a stark contrast of ultra-light pastel against brown or black hair can be a tricky endeavor and one we don’t recommend trying at home.

The key to lasting color — and getting the color right to begin with — is in the lightening process. In general, brunettes will need a strong lightener (around 10-12) to achieve the pastel hair of their dreams. The good news is that doing a swatch of pastel expertly woven into your dark locks will take much less time than a whole head of hair. And the end result will be just as stunning.

An expert colorist will be able to make hair specific recommendations to suit your unique do. This includes ensuring your hair is light enough for highlights to stay fresh and vibrant.

2. Use Products for Protecting and Maintaining Pops of Color

If you’ve dyed your hair before, you’re probably familiar with the cardinal rules for treating your color right. Always stick with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner combo. Also, spoil your locks with moisturizing serums, and skip a wash or two to ensure your hair stays soft and radiant. Dry shampoo, such as Oribe’s Gold Lust formula, will be your hair’s new BFF when it comes to nourishing and strengthening the roots. In addition, there are a few pastel-specific guidelines that will help your look stay fantastic.

Since lighter tones tend to fall in the same category as platinum blondes and silvers, you’ll want to stick with a shampoo designed to counteract any brassy or green undertones. Kérastase’s full line of purple shampoo and conditioner is a great choice for pastels. Don’t worry: your dark locks will look as rich as ever alongside a burst of soft color!

Peak-a-boo hairstyles are another great option for those wanting to go pastel. Not only will you achieve a chic contrast with your dark layers, but you can easily “spot wash” the top layer after a workout or spritz with dry shampoo while leaving the color untouched.

3. Try The Power of Pomade

Never underestimate the strength of high-quality sculpting products when it comes to revitalizing tired hair. In between washes or on days when your color is looking a bit faded, opt for a chic, edgy style instead of your everyday do. Shaping your colorful locks is a good way to bring the most vibrant strands forward. Explore the full range of clay, wax, paste, and pomade options to find the perfect choice for your unique hair texture and style.

Sculpting products are a great choice for both pastel pixies and maintaining dark color pop hair for the guys.

4. Remember That Brighter Is Better

If you’re still worried about color fade, start with a jewel-toned hue that will naturally fade into pretty pastel. This is a good choice for brunettes who may be nervous about lightening their hair enough to achieve the ultra-soft shade of your dreams. Violets are a classic color option because they fade well into wispy lilac.

Stop by and chat with our color team today to discover a rainbow of possibilities for your next hairstyle.

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