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If you’re interested in trying a new hairstyle, then consider having beaded weft hair extensions applied at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver, CO. These extensions are clipped in by your hairstylist giving your hair a fuller, but still completely natural, look. They’re a great way to add drama or sophistication to your look. If you’ve heard of beaded weft hair extensions but you’re not quite sure what they are, keep reading!

What are beaded weft extensions?

Beaded weft extensions, or hand-tied hair extensions as they are also known, are composed of hair that is sewn onto a horizontal strip, or weft. Stylists can “sew” the weft into your hair by pairing small portions of the extension’s strands with small batches of your own strands and securing it with a bead at the “roots.” The weft keeps the hair from tangling, which will save you time and frustration while styling. The beads on the weft will match the color of the extensions and will keep the extensions attached to your hair securely. The beads are silicone, which will protect both your hair and the extensions.

Good hair extensions give you natural-looking volume and length without complicating your daily hair care routine. If you’re still on the fence about these extensions, keep these five benefits and tips in mind:

1. Professionally applied extensions flawlessly match your hair.

It’s important that you get your extensions applied at a quality salon. An expert will know which hair extensions are best for your individual hair, apply them safely, and maintain the extensions regularly. When choosing to DIY your extensions, you risk potentially damaging your hair or applying your extensions incorrectly. When you want a smooth, flawless look, schedule an appointment at your favorite salon.

2. You can go pink without commitment.

The great thing about beaded weft hair extensions is that you can experiment with different hair colors. They provide no-commitment styling that won’t saturate your hair with dyes. Maybe you want to go pink for a music festival or give highlights a try. Weft extensions give you the flattering look that you want without having to wait for the color to wash out if you change your mind later.

3. Get your extensions touched up every four to six weeks.

It’s important that you have your beaded weft extensions maintained by a professional. Your hair is growing, which will loosen the weft over time. Styling and daily hair care can also wear out extensions over a month or two. When you have your extensions maintained, your stylist will move the wefts up and closer to your scalp. These will keep the wefts invisible and better attached to your hair.

4. Weft extensions can provide different levels of thickness.

Beaded weft extensions are not one size fits all. There are a variety of hair extensions wefts that will provide you with varying thicknesses, depending on how much hair they can hold. Professional stylists can incorporate extensions that match both your current hairs texture and a good compromise on the hair thickness you’re striving for.

5. Beaded weft hair extensions cause minimal damage to your natural hair.

Maybe you’re worrying that extensions can damage your natural hair. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Beaded weft extensions are safe for your natural hair and are applied without heat. A stylist will also know how to safely and professionally handle your hair so that you can achieve the results that you want but without any breakage or dryness. If you have fine or damaged hair, extensions are still possible. Just work with a trained stylist instead of trying a DIY kit.

What about keratin hair extensions?

Another type of extension is keratin hair extensions. With keratin hair extensions, the extensions (which have a keratin-based “glue” on the tip) are fused to your hair and arranged in rows. Like the beaded weft extensions, the hair will match your natural hair color and maintain a flawless, natural look. These should also be applied by a professional who will know which extensions are best for you and how to apply them properly, as well as how to maintain them and how often they should be maintained. Keratin hair extensions are long-lasting. They give great volume and length if you have coarse or thick hair.

Beaded weft extensions will keep your hair looking fuller and youthful. Whether you’re looking to shine on a special occasion or want to amp up your everyday look, the experts at Deseo Salon & BlowDry can help. Book a consultation to find perfect beaded weft hair extensions or keratin hair extensions that you’ll love.

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