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Summertime is coming to an end. The best way to prepare your hair for fall is with a protective hair gloss treatment. It’s sad enough that long days of fun in the sun are done. It’s even worse to think that all that fun might have done the unthinkable: left your hair lackluster and dry. Does your hair look brassy? Does it feel rough when you run your fingers through it? Is the light not glistening off your locks the way you’d like?

Don’t despair. Consider a hair gloss. A hair gloss treatment will coat your entire hair follicle for optimal shine and protection. It might even help moderate all that summer damage. Here’s why you need a gloss treatment to start your fall off right.

1. Repair your hair after summer damage.

The coming cold weather might be hard on your hair. But summer can cause just as much damage.

UV rays

You may just think of SPF sunblock when it comes to protecting your skin, but your hair takes a beating from UV rays just like your skin does. Summer heat can dry out your hair, making it brittle. If you’ve had a bleach or a lift, UV rays can cause even more damage.

Chlorine and sea salt

You might still be thinking of those days by the pool. But just like UV rays, chlorine can make your hair dry and brittle. And don’t forget about sea salt from all those beautiful days spent splashing in the ocean and laying out on the beach. These harsh substances definitely dry out your hair and stress your follicles. Chlorine and salt can even work together to make your hair look brassy.

Luckily, there’s hope. According to Reader’s Digest, a gloss is one of the top ways to revamp your hair if it’s lost some of its shine and luster from sun, chlorine, and salt. A gloss treatment towards the end of autumn can also reduce frizz at the start of the upcoming winter.

2. Glosses give your hair a long-lasting, healthy shine.

Let’s clear up the difference between a glaze and a hair gloss. A glaze offers a temporary shine to hair. It sits on top of the hair follicle, but only lasts one or two weeks. In contrast, a gloss lasts three to four weeks and is considered semi-permanent.

If you’ve colored your hair, a gloss does an incredible job of keeping color where it belongs instead of letting it fade. If you haven’t recently dyed your hair, you can get a transparent gloss that will give you the same shining and protective effects.

Glosses also seal each strand of hair. A gloss essentially seals the cuticle of your hair, creating a smooth surface which allows the light to shine off to full effect. What’s the result? Shiny, beautiful hair that’s protected from damage as an extra bonus.

Aside from the shine, a hair gloss actually chemically protects your hair follicles. It coats the entire shaft and works with the pH balance of your hair to produce an extremely conditioning effect. This can help work against some of the sun and wind damage at the start of fall.

3. Glossy toners also add soft color.

The change of seasons is a perfect time to revamp your style, starting with your hair color.

If you don’t want to get a permanent hair color, you can also use a gloss to color your hair in a milder way. Regular hair dye usually contains ammonia, which actually opens up the cuticle to get color deposited onto the hair. Gloss, on the other hand, is acidic. It works by sealing the cuticle. So if you’re not into getting your hair dyed because it’s seen a bit too much summer damage, consider getting a gloss done for shiny color that’s less harsh.

If you don’t want to get a color, you can get a transparent gloss for a high-powered conditioning and protective effect.

So don’t despair at the change of seasons. Settle in for cozy fall days and the cute sweaters to come. If you want to restore your hair after a busy summer, book an appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. The treatment will protect your hair follicles, reverse some of that summer-fun damage, and help you transition into fall with flare.

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