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Is “root touch-up” on your holiday to-do list? ‘Tis the season for cocktail parties, work events, family gatherings, and other happenings where you want to feel at your best. For color touch-ups, whether on colored hair or gray roots, we recommend you pop into Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver every three to six weeks for a refresher (and some you time). Our online scheduling makes it easy to book your appointment, and for expert results, this is your best option. But when your schedule is packed and you need a solution now, here a few other methods you can try when your roots start growing out.

1. Patch With Products

If you just can’t make it into our Jefferson Park salon or you’re traveling outside of Denver, we recommend at-home remedies like Oribe’s Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray. Founded by a revered stylist to the stars, Oribe’s quality of ingredients, decadent scents, unmatched performance, and packaging sustainability make it one of our favorite lines. Their root touch-up spray uses microfine pigments to cover greys and roots while blending with your natural hair shade. Plus, it doubles as a dry shampoo as it absorbs dirt and oil.

Dry shampoo, in fact, can be great camouflage in a pinch. It disguises darkness and adds volume to help you fake it till you make it. If you’ve got the right eyeshadow shades, rubbing a bit of the powder into your roots can help mask growth or reflect light, too.

For color loss prevention, we love Bain Chromatique Riche by Kérastase, a sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated hair. It neutralizes water particles, protects the hair’s surface from unwanted deposits, and provides a UV shield to protect your vibrant color. Then you have a bit more time before your roots start growing out.

2. Switch Your Part or Your Style

Is your hair always split straight down the middle? Or are you rocking a deep left side part? Try switching it up so your color doesn’t look quite as harsh when the roots start growing out. A zig-zag part is even better at masking defined color growth and can add an unexpected flair to your look. You might also discover volume you never knew you had!

You can also try a new ‘do for a temporary fix while you schedule an appointment for touching up your roots. While a slicked-back bun or bob won’t literally hide your roots, it can create a chic illusion of “I totally meant to miss my color appointment.” A top knot, for example, draws eyes up to your delightful donut design and not to your mismatched hues.

Alternatively, braid your hair. Braiding can blend your hair into beautiful contrasting tones that hide your growing roots and redirect attention to your creative coiffed designs. See, for example, these 17 different ways to wear crown braids.

3. Change Gears

Despite your best intentions, it can seem like you’re always battling grown out roots. So try an easier style to maintain, like an ombre. Since the color work traditionally involves darker roots with gradual lightening toward the ends, you won’t constantly be dealing with the stress of maintenance. Our balayage highlighting technique can also mean fewer trips to the salon as it has a graduated, natural effect. It can also be as soft or defined as you’d like.

4. Roll With It

You know what? Sometimes you just got to flaunt it — no shame in your game! Take some inspiration from these celebrities who look gorgeous, roots and all, when your roots start growing out. Then book a professional touch-up for the next empty slot on your calendar.

But, if you do want to get a touch-up before you hit the road for your next vacation or business trip, we’d love to see you! The stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry are excited to answer all your questions about the coloring process. As we develop the perfect concoction for your hair, we’ll consider your desired results, your hair’s condition, and your skin tone and coloring. Because we know it has to be perfect. Secure your spot now.

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