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People are always looking for a new way to style and color their hair. Twilighting is a new balayage technique that is getting a lot of attention — and for good reason! In fact, many believe that it is the style to have in 2020. Two celebrities that come to mind when thinking about this technique are Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Garner. They have added color to their boring brown hair and made it sparkle with subtle hues.

What Is Twilighting?

Twilighting embraces brown hair by giving it some warm undertones. By adding some golden hues underneath, you can add more dimension to your hair.

How Do You Achieve the Look?

Twilighting is done with multiple techniques. You will get a balance of babylights with foil and balayaging throughout your hair to make it as natural as possible. When done correctly, your brunette hair will have deeper definition because of the different hues and techniques used. Professional stylists make sure to focus the brightness around your face and the depth in the back. This creates a natural, unique look that frames your face.

Balayage means to sweep or paint in French. Because of this, when you ask for a balayage look in a salon, you are asking for sun-kissed and natural-looking hair color. Your stylist will paint hair color onto your hair using a brush so that your final result adds natural variation in color and highlight thickness to your hair.

Babylights are mimicked after children’s hair. By using foil, stylists make delicate highlights throughout their clients’ hair. Each foil colors only a small lock of hair, and the separation between each piece is also very small. Because of this, this technique can take a lot of time to do on a full head of hair.

Why Experiment with Twilighting This Season?

First, it’s the new style! If you love keeping up with the latest trends, then now’s the time to experiment with the coolest new look. Here are some other reasons to embrace twilighting as winter starts to enter its own twilight period.

It gives brown hair a fresh twist. This new style gives brown hair a new look. It adds dimension to hair that used to look flat. If you love having brown hair but you want to add a dynamic twist, twilighting can make it happen.

It’s not too drastic. Many people don’t want to try a dramatically different style, just in case they don’t like the results. Twilighting isn’t an abrupt change, so you won’t have to worry about the results. The highlights look very natural.

It works for all seasons. Some hairstyles will only work during certain seasons. Many people go blonde in the summer and let their natural hair shine in the winter. But twilighting will work no matter what the weather is. Even better, you can keep the look for multiple seasons in a row.

It’s a low-maintenance look. Due to the technique, you can easily grow it out at any time, and it will look natural. You won’t have to worry about a strict touch-up schedule as you grow your hair out. Instead, you can keep it fresh with touch-ups every twelve to sixteen weeks.

Book an Appointment Today with Deseo Salon & BlowDry

Twilighting takes multiple steps, so it’s important that you visit a professional salon that you trust. Work with an inexperienced stylist — or trying to do it at home — can spell disaster for your new ‘do! If you are serious about your look, stop in at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. We will be glad to help you assess your hair, go over your color options, and help you find a style that works best for you.

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