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You love your hair. Many may see it only as a daily chore, but you understand that it’s so much more. Hairstyles are a great tool for self-expression that you can change to match your lifestyle. With that in mind, thinning hair can be a horrifying experience. Unfortunately, too many men think that it’s impossible to style thinning hair. But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you understand the causes of thinning hair for men, you can keep your hair healthy and easy to style. Here’s what you need to know to keep your mane rich and healthy.

What Causes Thinning Hair for Men?

Hair thinning can have a number of causes, ranging from genetics to disease. In many cases, however, thinning hair is made worse by the wrong hair care routine.

Your hair thins when your hair follicles lose diameter. As a result, hair has less of a hold on the scalp and leaves altogether.

The good news is that bad styling ideas are often one cause of thinning. For instance, if you wear tight hats, or put your hair in a “man-bun,” stop immediately. These hairstyles strain your follicles and can eventually cause irreversible damage leading to thinning and balding.

Even if this isn’t your style, you could be losing hair the moment you step out of the shower. Towel drying has been shown to cause thinning and hair loss. The reason is that wet hair is more vulnerable than dry hair. When you aggressively rub a coarse towel against your wet hair, you aren’t just removing water. You’re removing valuable proteins from the hair, and the strands will start to fall out.

If you’ve been towel drying your man-bun for years, there’s still hope. With the right hair products and styling tips, you can return your hair to tip-top shape.

Rinse and Repair

Your shampoo can make a huge difference in the quality of your hair. A good shampoo will clean dirt and sweat off of your hair while protecting valuable nutrients and proteins. Unfortunately, most major shampoo products cause more damage to the hair follicle.

However, there are still ways to reverse the damage. The first step, of course, is changing your shampoo. Because you’ve used harmful products for years, find a shampoo that will restore valuable nutrients and oils to your hair.

Kevin Murphy makes a natural restorative shampoo. Using protein from bamboo and silk oils, this is the best product for a strong and pure scalp.

Remember To Condition

Over the years, many men have seen conditioner as an optional product. But the benefits of using it are clear, proven, and abundant. Conditioner hydrates your follicles while adding nutrients to your hair. The result is a strong scalp and healthy hair.

However, this only works if you’re buying a strong and natural conditioner. The market is full of chemically produced products that do more harm than good! Kérastase makes a natural conditioner without harmful and unnatural additives. Put it in every day, and you’ll have smoother, healthier, and stronger hair.

Add Volume With Style

If your hair is already thinning, you can do more than just repair it. Properly styling your hair can add volume and strength to your look. Professionalist stylists can also give you a haircut that matches your hair’s texture and thickness.

Once again, be aware of the products you use. Hair gels frequently cause hair loss and thinning hair for men, so make sure you look for a stylist-recommended product. Also be sure to find sprays and pastes that achieve what you’re looking for. If you’re combating thin hair, you want something volumizing for a powerful and sexy look. One of the best products for this is Oribe’s dry texturizing spray. It’s designed to make your hair look rich and full of volume, so it’s a perfect choice for your hair styling routine

The next step is choosing a style that fills out your head and looks right for you. If you want expert advice and a professional cut, the stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry can help. If you’re considering styling or treating your hair, book an appointment with us today.

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