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Did you know that you can find luxury Bellami hair extensions in Denver? If you’re familiar with the world of high-quality hair extensions, then you know that 100% REMY hair from a Bellami VIP Salon is the best option for adding length and volume. Bellami hair extensions are the faux locks celebrities and fashion influencers often wear. These stunning pieces are the secret behind the overnight transitions that dazzle and amaze. 

They come in a variety of different colors, highlights, and lengths, with nothing synthetic or “fake” about them. Naturally beautiful hair is our specialty at Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver, CO. We delight in bringing red carpet styles to our clients. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our hottest press release yet:

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is now a Bellami VIP Salon!

Exclusive style and quality are readily available in your community. Our stylists are all certified in the application of hair extensions via the Bellami Master Certification Program. The diverse network available to Bellami partners allows us to stay updated on the latest hair extension trends, care tips, and insights to keep your Bellami hair extensions healthy and vibrant. So we’re delighted to debut our style team’s skills and showcase the magic of Bellami.

Let’s take a tour of our salon offerings. We’re here to inspire you with Bellami hair extensions! Learn more about what sets these gorgeous pieces apart from other hair extensions, and also discover the distinction of a Bellami VIP Salon.

Training and Certification in Bellami Hair Extensions

brown hair extensions in Denver

Becoming a Bellami Hair Professional Exclusive Salon is no simple achievement! But we’ve done our homework and are excited to share our learning with you. So, what exactly elevates a salon to the next level in hair extension mastery? The Bellami Master Certification Program draws together key techniques to deliver excellence. Our stylists are versed in:

Consultation and Style Inspo

The importance of a hair extension consultation cannot be understated. After all, you want your Bellami hair extensions to look exactly as you’ve imagined. During your initial consultation, we’ll assess your hair’s health and goals and work together to determine the best hair extensions for you. A few of our options for rich, luxurious Bellami hair include:

  • Keratin Tip Extensions
  • Clip-In Hair Extensions
  • Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
  • Tape-In Hair Extensions
  • I-Tip Hair Extensions

Choosing the right Bellami extensions for you is a key part of the process. Are you looking for a low-maintenance hair extension style? Do you want one that will suit your active lifestyle but will look great all day long? Or perhaps your main priority is getting the show-stopping look you’re dreaming of without worrying about the extensions giving you away. Whatever your style inspiration might be, the team at Deseo has the skills to bring your dreams to life.

Cutting, Blending, and Application

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Styling faux hair is a unique discipline that goes beyond expertise in hairstyling as a whole. In addition to having a mastery of installing Bellami hair extensions, our style team is adept at cutting, blending, and maintaining the look. Every hair type is unique. That’s why we’ve taken the time to perfect our skills in working with a variety of hair types, lengths, and textures to bring in hair extensions that elevate the look. 

Blending your natural hair with fresh extensions is the distinction that makes the style iconic. Over the course of the Bellami Master Certification Program, we had the opportunity to receive mentorship from Bellami professionals. 

So, what’s the result? Your own personal celebrity stylists in the heart of Denver!

Color Artistry

Color matching is one of the many skills mastered in Bellami’s professional certification training. With high-quality REMY extensions, we’re able to capture a naturally blended look. Our style team can identify and then match your faux locks to your current color or install a whole new, dramatic look. 

Adding length with highlights is one of our favorite ways to style in Bellami hair extensions. Using your natural hair as the base color, our style team can design beautiful, sweeping balayage curls. Vibrant fashion colors are another iconic look. Remember, hair extensions allow you to skip the lightening and lifting and go straight from one color to another. No hair damage is necessary. Creating transitional and dimensional colors with semi-permanent extensions also lends depth and intrigue to any hairstyle.

Product Recommendations

Amazing hair deserves a luxurious home hair care routine. Our industry knowledge allows us to recommend the best products and techniques for caring for Bellami hair extensions at home. We also provide carefully curated insights based on your hair’s goals and needs. Then, we’ll send you on your way looking fabulous, equipped with the knowledge to care for your extensions and your next upkeep appointment already locked in our calendar.

Why Bellami Hair Extensions Are Inches Above the Rest

Bellami hair extensions are worth adding to your style repertoire. These gorgeous wefts are far beyond the average hair extension. With synthetic extensions, you may have noticed that the texture or feel is stiff and coarse, not quite matching the soft, relaxed vibe of healthy hair. 

But our hair extensions always look and feel natural—because they are! Bellami hair extensions are artisanally crafted with 100% REMY human hair. These extensions are sustainably sourced, and they also contain no synthetic hair pieces. The volume is stunning without the need to mix in synthetic pieces for added body. All of the depth, movement, and shine you could possibly want is available across a wide array of application methods.

A Wide Range of Colors

Bellami also boasts the most hair color options of any hair extension group. Color matching becomes simple when you choose from a palette of expertly blended hues that can fade naturally into your hair type. Creating a balayage, ombre, highlights, or lowlights is better when you have a diverse assortment of tones. Your stylist will help you select a shade warmer or cooler depending on your desired end result. 

You can even capture vibrant fashion colors that won’t look fake against your natural hair. Imagine bright pinks, midnight blues, and even ethereal pastels, all without the need for lightening and lifting. Bellami hair extensions are a great way to protect your natural hair from damage while allowing the versatility of an array of styles.

Endless Options

These stunning locks can pair with any hair length, even short hair. As long as your hair is at least four to six inches long, we can enhance your style with beautiful extensions. With proper care and maintenance, Bellami hair extensions can last anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks before needing a touch-up. We’re happy to recommend the best maintenance regimen and get you booked in for upkeep so your extensions are always fresh.

Amazing new hair is always the right choice, and we’re proud to be the right salon for the job. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is excited to be a part of your style journey. We’re delivering metropolitan glam to the heart of the Rocky Mountains with the latest tools, techniques, and faux lock fashions. As a newly certified Bellami VIP Salon, guiding our clients through the ins and outs of hair extensions is what we do. Of course, we can’t forget the most important part of our salon process—you!

Our clients are our VIPs, and we can’t wait to create your new iconic look. When you’re ready for a new look, book your hair extension consultation to learn more. Let’s add some Bellami magic to your style!

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