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Let’s talk wind. And your hair. And how to protect your hair from windy weather.

As residents of Denver, we’re used to gusty weather as the seasons turn. In many cases, windy weather can be brisk and pleasant. You can bring out your comfy sweaters and warm drinks. But when it comes to your look? In addition to causing flyaways, rough winds can dry, damage, and tangle your hair. Let’s talk about windy weather, hair structure, and hair maintenance routines with Deseo Salon & BlowDry.

Hair Strand 101: the Medulla, the Cortex, and the Cuticle

How exactly is the hair effected during windy weather? What’s the structure of the hair, and how can we protect it? First of all, your hair is made of three layers: the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle.

  1. The medulla is the innermost layer which contains color-producing melanin.
  2. Next is the cortex, which is made of keratin proteins. The cortex strength to your hair and give it its unique texture.
  3. Surrounding everything is the cuticle. This is composed of overlapping cells and it protects the innermost layers.

As a result of environmental factors — like the sun, chlorine, and yes, wind — the cuticle can wear away. Without that cuticle, the hair has no shine. Even worse, without protection, the inner keratin protein layers will start to unravel. This leads to frayed, damaged-looking hair. The lack of a smooth cuticle structure also creates more friction between strands. This can leave you with tangles, breakage, and dreaded split ends.

Let’s get into the specifics of how to protect your hair in windy weather:

How to Prevent Knots, Tangles, and Snarls

If your hair is fine and thin, the wind can whip it up into a frazzled mess. If you have dense, thick, or curly hair, the wind can cause nightmare-status knots and tangles. Wind can actually cause mini-knots in each individual hair strand. When you brush your hair, the strands will usually break at the spot of the mini-knot.

Whether your hair is thick or thin, curly or straight, gusts of wind are going to sap your hair of moisture, too. Increased friction is going to wear away at the cuticle and create damage. So how can you up your game to protect your hair from windy weather?

  • Wear a silk scarf. Incorporate a silk scarf into your routine to protect hair from winds, and look adorable while you’re at it.
  • Use a smoothing conditioner. Do you love silky-smooth feeling your hair has after using conditioner? That sensation is due to the fact that conditioner helps close off the cuticle, preventing friction and decreasing tangles. Try using a hair-smoothing conditioner like Kérastase Fondant Fluidealiste.
  • Try a hair gloss treatment. For long-lasting cuticle-sealing and prevention of tangles, consider getting a hair gloss treatment. By sealing off the cuticle, hair gloss treatments add to hair’s luster and prevent damaging friction between strands.

How to Prevent Split Ends

Tangles and knots aren’t the end of the windy weather problem. Environmental assaults can also lead to split ends. You know what split ends look like: frayed or split portions of your hair that reduce gloss, shine, and manageability. So how do you practice proper hair maintenance in windy weather?

Seal your split ends.

Products like Oribe’s Split End Seal are clinically-proven to seal the cuticle of your hair. This covers the sensitive inner layers of the hair strand and helps protect your hair from windy weather. Oribe’s special polymer blend, artichoke leaf extract, and carob tree extract work synergistically to protect the hair cuticle against damaging environmental effects. Keeping the cuticle sealed is not only protective. It ensures a glossier and shinier finish.

Get a Protective Style

It’s great to use products that seal your cuticle and protect from damage. But it’s also important to give your hair the best chance with a perfect protective hairstyle. If you already have a bunch of split ends, getting a trim will help reduce the frayed and unhealthy look. Talk to your stylist about a haircut that will be easier to control and style in windy weather. Head out in the mornings with confidence, and protect your hair from the elements.

Windy weather can be exhilarating and fun. But tangled hair and split ends? Not so much. By incorporating some simple products into your routine — and treating yourself to an amazing haircut — you can head off hair problems before they begin. For more information on protecting your hair from Denver’s windy weather, reach out to our team of stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry or check out our blog for more hair maintenance tips.

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