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A full, lush fringe of eyelashes can make you feel more confident and beautiful. Dark lashes frame your eyes to make them shine like jewels. There is something so mysterious and alluring about eyelashes that they have even studied by academics seeking to decode their appeal. Whatever the magic is that makes eyelashes so attractive, the real question is how to get yours to look the best they can. One popular approach is professional lash tinting. While this may sound like a complicated procedure, it’s actually pretty simple. When it’s done by a professional from Deseo Salon & BlowDry, you can feel confident that they will safely give you the dark lashes you want.

How does professional lash tinting work?

Professional lash tinting keeps your eyes safe as it gives your lashes deep color. Before you begin, you and your technician will choose the right shade for your lashes. Then your eye area will be cleaned of makeup. Special non-irritating stickers are placed as a barrier for your skin from the dye. A gentle, vegetable-based dye is dabbed on your lashes, ensuring even coverage from base to tip. This material keeps your eyes safe from toxic chemicals during and after the process. After ten minutes, the dye is wiped away.

Now it’s time to flutter your eyelashes as you admire them. They will be dark and separated. The dye helps emphasize even the tiny, sparse lashes that mascara can miss, giving your lashes a full, lush look.

How does the look of tinted lashes compare to other lash darkening techniques? Here’s a run-through of the differences to help you choose what will work best for you.

Mascara: Temporary and Troublesome

Mascara is the most popular way to darken eyelashes. It’s simple and effective, but it has its drawbacks. Mascara can clump and smear when you apply it. It can also run if you’re caught in the rain, or if you sweat or cry that day. With Denver’s unpredictable weather, it can be hard to know when you might be facing some kind of precipitation. There are also long-lasting waterproof mascaras. These will stay in place for several hours, no matter the weather. Unfortunately, because these formulations are so hard to remove, they can cause breakage. They can even leave your eyelashes dry and brittle.

On the other hand, having your eyelashes tinted by a professional gives you the dark flutter of eyelashes without the daily hassle. Tinted eyelashes are impervious to rain or tears. Many runners and swimmers prefer eyelash tinting so they can sweat and splash without thinking about mascara. Because tinting eliminates the need for daily mascara, lashes grow in stronger and fuller. Enjoy longer, healthier lashes without the breakage that comes with many mascaras.

Eyelash Extensions: Expensive and Inconvenient

Another option for a thick fringe is eyelash extensions. Make no mistake: this is a dramatic lash look. However, extensions can be expensive, and having them applied is somewhat time-consuming. They require upkeep in a salon every two to three weeks. If you don’t have them removed professionally, they can damage your natural eyelashes. This leaves them more sparse than when you started.

Eyelash tinting does not require rigorous upkeep. If you don’t return to get them touched up within the recommended five-week time span, they will fade naturally. It is also a much quicker procedure.

Do-It-Yourself Tinting: Dangerous

Given the fuss-free glamor of tinted lashes, you may be tempted to try one of the home kits to save you a trip to the salon. But experts strongly discourage this. Having your eyelashes tinted by a professional is a safe procedure. The same cannot be said of taking the process into your own hands. The formula used by experienced professionals is a gentle and effective vegetable-based dye. Self-tinting kits, on the other hand, often don’t use the same ingredients. There is no FDA oversight on these kits, so choosing one is a gamble. Any time you use something so close to the delicate tissues of the eye, it’s worth it to use caution.

The steady hand of a person who is experienced and trained in eyelash tinting will not only give you peace of mind. It will also leave you with the lush lashes you crave. Having your lashes tinted in a salon also guarantees that the finished result will be even. If you’re looking to enjoy the indulgence of tinted eyelashes, let a professional give you a relaxed and luxurious experience.

If you live in the Denver area and you’re ready to try the easy beauty of tinted lashes, book an appointment with us at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Our experienced stylists offer more than professional lash tinting. We can also color your eyebrows through eyebrow tinting. For precise and gentle brow shaping, we are skilled in threading. These procedures will give your eyes a polished and striking look while simplifying your makeup routine.

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