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A fresh pop of color can make ordinary hair feel like a red carpet moment. With the hottest hair color trends of 2022 just a bottle away, it can be tempting to grab the nearest box dye and run with the inspiration. However, inspiration is rarely found in home hair dye. When it comes to finding excellent hair dye in Denver, an expert colorist is the way to go. 

If you’ve already made the mistake of trying home hair dye and aren’t loving the results, don’t let your colors fade quite yet. There’s hope for bad dye jobs! Hair color correction in Denver is just an appointment away. Deseo Salon & BlowDry has an experienced team of stylists ready to help every hair type — and every type of mistake. We know it all because we’ve seen it all. From fried and frizzed to broken and brittle, orange and green, or pink instead of red, our expert colorists are here to help.

We turn oopses into amazing looks with hair dye correction in Denver. Come along for the journey and learn more about thinking outside the box with Deseo. 

Decoding Hair Dye in Denver: Why Box Dyes Do You Dirty With Dirty Ingredients

So why is it so important to choose the right hair dye in Denver for your color goals? Isn’t all hair dye the same?

The simple answer is no! Home hair dye simply can’t stand up to salon-quality products. The reason your hair often turns out less than perfect with DIY dye lies in the application process and the ingredients themselves. Home hair dyes contain a lot of filler. These heavy additives and junk can easily ruin your hair. The worst offenders on the bad hair dye ingredients list include:

  • PPD
  • PTD
  • Metallic salts
  • Sulfates

Not only are these ingredients bad for your overall health and wellness, but they can cause serious harm to your hair. Home hair dye tends to be highly drying and acidic, often stripping away the pigment from your natural locks and leaving the cuticle exposed in the process. These dyes are not made for all hair types and may be especially harmful to hair types with low porosity. A bad dye job can alter your natural color to the point that only a professional stylist will be able to correct it.

Furthermore, finding your true shade with a boxed dye can be an impossible challenge. Colors often turn out different from the picture-perfect image on the box. This is because the consultation process is highly important in assessing how your natural shade, texture, and hair type will absorb the color. A stylist ensures your hair dye in Denver turns out to be exactly the right hue. Followed by the correct application method, even your worst dye-saster can be turned around. 

We recommend starting the process with a deep conditioning Olaplex treatment to remove any residue and harmful build-up while replenishing your hair’s natural hydration.

When Semi-Permanent Is a Little TOO Permanent

Another risk of box dyes and their derivatives is how difficult these colors are to remove from your hair. In fact, unless professionally stripped, many popular brands are nearly impossible to get out. Store-bought dyes work by staining the hair, which severely damages the strand, strips away the pigment, and dries out your lovely locks. These colors won’t typically come out until the hair grows out, as they cannot be bleached or lifted.

The worst staining brands include:

  • Manic Panic
  • oVertone
  • Madison Reed
  • Arctic Fox
  • Feria by L’oreal
  • Garnier
  • And any dye containing henna!

While many box dyes advertise their colors as semi-permanent, the stain and damage left behind is anything but temporary.

Lightening, Bleaching, and Toning — Oh My!

Woman with toned hair after getting professional hair dye in Denver

Coloring your hair is only part of the process. Unless your hair is naturally cool and ashy, chances are you’ll need to lighten, lift, and tone to achieve the trending hair color of your dreams. Pastels are especially tricky as lighter colors require a blank canvas. This step is one of the most critical as well as the most sensitive. Too much bleach can strip away all the moisture from your hair, leaving your locks stringy or brittle. Failing to lift the pigment enough can turn your base orange or yellow rather than the snow-white tone you need.

When Lightening Doesn’t Work

When the lightening step doesn’t achieve the correct color, your final color will also likely be underwhelming. If we take a look at the color wheel, different colors interact in different ways. 

For example, if you want to achieve a beautiful light blue shade, you’ll need to lift your hair with a high-volume lightener to achieve a silver-white base. A yellow or orange base will interact with the home hair dye to create a sickly green far from an ethereal fantasy. Likewise, if you’re going for a natural tone such as auburn, the exact shade of red will depend on the degree of lightening achieved. 

That means your color can range from deep, sultry chestnut red to Orphan Annie carrot top. If you want to ensure you aren’t caught looking like a Broadway reject, it’s time to stop by your professional color salon.

Hair dye correction in Denver can fix a rainbow of errors. The first thing your stylist will do is assess the damage. That means taking inventory of where your shade is at. A color correction may be as simple as lifting your hair to achieve a cooler tone or darkening the shade to capture a more natural look with depth and movement. Adding highlights or lowlights is another styling trick that can rescue a botched cut. If your original color inspiration can no longer be achieved, we’ll find you the next best alternative with luxury hair dye in Denver that suits your hair type, texture, and personal style.

Common Dye-Sasters and How to Fix Them With Hair Color Correction in Denver

When it comes to home hair dye catastrophes, you aren’t alone in your less than perfect attempts at DIY color. Our color correction team has seen a lot of oopses over the years. There’s no need to be embarrassed! Our salon chairs are open to all kinds of hair dye mistake stories, including but not limited to:

  • Using the wrong toner on blonde hair. This mistake can often be remedied with a clarifying routine, a rest for your hair, and then a fresh new pop of color once your tresses have had time to return to their natural state.
  • Leaving the dye on to process for far too long. Sometimes less is more when it comes to color treatment. If your shade is too dark, we can break it up and create dimension with clever highlights throughout.
  • Trying to follow a TikTok trend at home. Trends aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! Whether you’ve tried to do a split color wolf cut or mermaid locks, Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to smooth over the damage. We’ll get you as close to the trend as possible without damaging your lovely locks.
  • Using the wrong color or matching the wrong shade to your natural hair. Hair coloring is an art. Selecting the right formula for the job, as well as matching the shade to your natural tresses and complex, is a big part of the process. Box dyes are designed to make it appear as if any hair type will turn out exactly like the model on the box. At Deseo, we celebrate the wide diversity of hair types and textures. Our amazing color team can help you find hair dye in Denver that suits your unique style and complements your features.

Stop By for Professional Hair Dye in Denver and More

Don’t let a dye-saster ruin a good hair dye. Deseo Salon & BlowDry offers top-tier hair dye in Denver. We also offer color correction services for any and every home hair dye mistake. Wave goodbye to box dye, and come see our amazing team today for your next color appointment.

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