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You found the perfect photo of Mila Kunis’s spring lob. Sometimes it’s straight, sometimes it’s wavy, and it’s a perfect fit for the summer. But the truth behind every famous haircut is that the style was customized specifically for that celebrity. A pin straight lob might demand hours of maintenance, which won’t fit your lifestyle. It also needs a very specific hair type. Professional salon stylists can give you a lob, some layers, and even a pixie cut, but you need to know your hair’s limits.

The hairstyle needs to be the right one for you personally, and that’s what you get when you schedule an appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Here’s why you should look into authentic hairstyles that are a right fit for you instead of Instagram-famous looks.

Why Your Hair Won’t Match Any Celebrity’s Look

Mick Jagger sang, “you can’t always get what you want,” and that’s true when it comes to a coveted hairstyle or color. Every haircut should be a balance of your hair’s natural shape, your hair’s health, and the time you have to devote to it. The same is true for every color choice and chemical treatment. You need to both know your hair’s limits and celebrate its unique strengths. Celebrity and Instagram hairstyles can be beautiful, but they weren’t designed with your unique hair in mind.

One of the most important factors is your hair’s texture. If the hairstyle you want works great for curly hair and your hair is naturally straight, or vice versa, the final outcome is going to be different. Your stylist can give you a beautiful, similar look, but it will never be identical. Striving to match the look when you have a different hair type can even damage your hair over time. Too much straightening, curling, and product application can hurt your hair’s health and cause breakage.

However, your hair’s texture isn’t the only thing that matters. There are dozens of other factors that stylists keep in mind. Part of what makes a celebrity’s hairstyle fit them so well may be the shape of their face, their features, or even the fact that they may have had a stylist on hand for that one perfect photo. There is also the unseen story of the haircuts your favorite celebrity didn’t choose because they weren’t a right fit.

Know Your Hair’s Limits & Communicate with Your Stylist

Getting the look you want involves more than just showing your stylist a picture of the haircut you want. It involves an open dialogue and arriving at an understanding of your limitations. A good stylist will tell you the truth about your hair and what hairstyles are or are not a good fit. Professional stylists will also recommend haircuts that limit heat damage. If a style will require you to overuse heat styling tools or chemical treatments, that weakens your hair. It’s much better to find a style that works with your hair instead of against it.

While you can’t mirror a celebrity look, you can certainly look for inspiration. Find celebrities or hairstyles you like, but search for examples that match your hair’s volume, shape, and condition. Bring in photographs and ask your stylist about the possibilities for your own hairstyle. Visuals are a great way to start a conversation and leave you with a hairstyle you love.

Before the scissors come out, prepare a list of questions for your stylist. Ask for his or her opinion on how the style you’ve chosen will translate to your texture of hair. Ask how much work it will be to get and maintain the look you want. You can also ask how our stylists can modify a certain cut or color to match your hair, facial features, and lifestyle.

Together, you will come up with a great haircut. You’ll also learn more about your hair so you know your hair’s limits. The final haircut won’t match what’s in the celebrity’s picture, but you’ll get a picture-perfect look that is custom-made for you.

Inspiration, Not Imitation

When it comes down to it, a glamour shot doesn’t tell you anything about the best hairstyle for you. Admiring somebody else’s style is a great way to search for ideas and find inspiration. It can be hard not to want an identical hairdo, especially when the source is a movie star or a model. But use those idols to look for ideas and modern twists on classic styles. A couple of images and a conversation with a professional stylist will leave you with the right haircut for you. That’s better than a hairstyle meant for someone else.

Our hair professionals are trained in the latest techniques to treat, cut, and style your hair. No matter what hair texture you have, we have a stylist who can find a great haircut for both your hair and your lifestyle. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is a professional salon with a team that delivers exceptional results and expert guidance for healthy hair. Schedule an appointment here and discover your own style.

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