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Split ends can be just the beginning of hair breakage. Everything from heat to chemicals to even the weight of the hair itself can stress out your locks and make them snap. Once you know how to stop hair breakage naturally, it’s easy to get a good hair care routine. So hold tight to your tired ends, take a deep breath, and relax with these simple tips on how to fix hair breakage.

What causes hair breakage?

Everyone’s hair is different, which means everyone’s hair has a different breaking point. Hair breakage happens when the “scales” around your hairs’ cuticles break down or get damaged. At the root of most breakage is dryness. The most common causes include:

  • Winter weather and artificial heat
  • Hair styling tools
  • Color treatments
  • Losing weight quickly
  • Playing with your hair too much

It’s a Seasonal Struggle

If winter woes are weighing you down, your hair may be feeling just as heavy. Denver is home to beautiful mountains and dry, dry winters. Dryness damages hair, causing dullness, frizz, and breakage. High winds are your hair’s worst enemy. Not only does it cause imminent danger of ruining a perfect style, but it puts lasting stress on dried out, tired out locks.

Also, summer sunshine might be great for your highlights. But if you’re the active type, swimming and sweating can cause damage from — you guessed it — dryness.

The key to managing brittle hair is restoring moisture and hydration. Treat your hair right and adjust your styling routine to combat breakage. Use Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Mask to enhance shine and repair damaged ends. Pair restorative treatments with added care during your hair’s offseason. A high quality, luxurious leave-in oil spray is excellent for giving your hair the extra love it deserves, year after year.

Style vs. Health? Choose Both

Most hair gurus own a plethora of flat irons, curling wands, and hair dryers to achieve an always-on-point look. Unfortunately, the tools we love could also be ruining our hair. Opt for ceramic styling tools over cheaper products for lasting results that don’t leave hair feeling fried and dull. Be sure to give your hair a break in between styling and allow freshly washed hair a few minutes to drip before using a hairdryer.

Feeling brave? Try air drying your locks once a week and always protect hair with a styling spray or Kérastase’s L’incroyable Blowdry Créme before applying heat.

Color Code

Let’s face it: overly processed hair isn’t exactly a good look.

DIY Color-treated hair is especially vulnerable to breakage. Permed and chemically straightened hair can be equally difficult to maintain. The added challenge of caring for processed hair need not be a deterrent or a reason to go completely natural. Adding a few styling products to your regimen can help leave your mane feeling (and looking) fresh. For best results, use a high quality, sulfate-free shampoo and give your hair an added boost with some shine-enhancing leave-in conditioner for soft locks.

The Skinny on Hair Loss

It’s rare to hear about the downside of getting healthy, but weight loss can cause temporary hair thinning. Avoid losing a significant amount of weight over a short period of time. Not only is rapid weight loss damaging to your hair, but a sudden shock to your body is unlikely to promote good health in the long run.

When implementing a new fitness lifestyle, expect some amount of breakage to occur. Don’t panic if you spy extra hair in the drain! This is normal and your hair will eventually get with the program of your wellness routine. In the interim, volumizing products are a fantastic way to keep your hair perfect from your morning run to an after-work cocktail.

Take It Easy with the Accessories

We understand that some days it’s easy to feel like tearing your hair out! Resist the urge to rake a comb or brush through your disobedient mane. Over styling is among the primary causes of breakage. But it can be remedied by implementing a few basic rules for loving your locks. Treat your hair gently and avoid tight elastics, over-brushing, and yanking out tangles. Consider making your hair a part of your personal wellness routine. Self-care begins at the root!

Ready to give your hair some extra pampering? Book a deep conditioning or an Olaplex treatment with us today! The professional stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry know how to restore your hair, even in the middle of a cold Denver winter. Talk to us about getting a hair breakage treatment or a completely new look.

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