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Are you frustrated about the condition of your hair and how hard it is to style it? Sometimes, conditioning your hair isn’t enough to keep it healthy and flexible. Also, the problem could stem from the type of hair products you use. Using professional hair gloss treatments or serums like the selection carried at Deseo Salon & BlowDry adds more moisture to your hair’s fibers than products off the shelf. Besides protecting your hair from heat, the right hair care products can add shine, texture, and volume to dull or lifeless hair. Here are some basic styling advantages and health benefits of professional hair oils and hair serums. Also, learn how to apply and use these products.

How are hair serums different from hair oils?

Hair serum and oils each have a role to play in protecting and smoothing your hair. And although they look somewhat similar, they have different uses. Hair serums as used for styling. You can apply them to keep your locks pliable.

Oils, on the other hand, are used to condition your hair and improve its health. Hair oils contain fatty acids, which lubricate the hair and replace missing or damaged lipids. This helps in preventing hair breakage and split ends, and scientists have been researching the positive health benefits for years. Rather than coating the exterior of your stands as serums do, hair oils sink deep into hair strands.

The Styling Benefits of Hair Serums

Don’t stress about wild or frizzy hair. If humidity and other environmental elements affect your hair, add a serum to your hair care routine. These products smooth your hair and help reduce frizz.

Another perk is that they make your hair shiny. They work even better if your hair care routine includes hair oils. In addition to eliminating frizz and controlling flyaway hair, the right hair oils and serums can make your hair shinier, silkier, and more luxurious.

The Health Benefits of Hair Oils

Hair oils start protecting your locks by nourishing dry hair. Consider how dry hair can look lifeless and dull. As a result, you can feel self-conscious about your appearance. Our hair products can transform your dry hair, making it soft, shiny and silky. What’s more, they won’t leave your hair greasy. Oribe’s Cote d’Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil locks in moisture to make your hair satiny smooth.

How to Apply Hair Serums

No matter what your hair’s texture, color, or health is, a salon stylist can help you find the perfect product. You can find hair serums specifically for color-treated hair. If you have thin hair, you can find them in a lighter form. Some serums are suited for every type of hair, including hair that’s curly, straight, thin or even colored. Depending on the product, you can apply serums every day. Kérastase’s  Ultime Original Hair Oil or Initialiste serum, for example, helps you grow out your hair with 93% less breakage with long-term application.

Do not over apply, even if your hair is long or thick. In fact, an application should be about the size of a coin. If you have shoulder length hair, about all you need is one or two drops. After rubbing the drops between your palms, gently apply the solution to your hair.

How to Apply Hair Oils

Starting at the middle of your hair length, apply hair oils, working down to the ends. You don’t want to apply oils any higher than the mid-ends of your hair because your hair absorbs oils in an upward direction, meaning it will travel up to your roots. In addition to applying hair oil to wet hair, you can also apply it when your hair feels dry.

Make bad hair days a thing of the past with our premium hair products. For more information about our luxury hair care products and styling services, please visit our high-end Denver salon. You can also read more about how to incorporate salon products into your hair care routine. All our hair stylists at Deseo Salon & BlowDry are highly skilled and experienced. They have in-depth training in Kevin Murphy and Orbie styling classes and Wella color classes, as well as Kérastase cutting and styling courses. Book an appointment here to learn more about how we can help you keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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