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From workouts to dining out, the stress of the day can leave a lot of bumps and knots in our hair. Smooth things over with these simple tips on how to prevent tangles with Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, vibrant, and soft. There’s no time for tangles in this style routine! Shake it out and stay flawless through every one of life’s adventures.

Conditioner. Always.

Conditioner is the most important part of a tangle-free beauty routine. Always deep condition after shampooing or getting your hair wet. Kérastase is a great pick for tangle-prone hair due to the high-quality, protein-enriched formula designed to smooth as well as strengthen. Just a few drops of Fondant Fluidealiste is enough to leave your hair soft and brushable.

For days when your hair is extra stressed, use a leave-in conditioner like Kevin Murphy’s restorative, nourishing formula.

Brush, Brush, and Brush Again

Comb your hair out before washing it, then use a few drops of Oribe’s moisturizing Hair & Body Oil after showering. Work the rich, luxurious formula from the roots outward, giving special attention to your ends. Then gently work a comb through your wet hair to smooth any tangles before styling. If you find a particularly stubborn knot, work through it with your fingers instead of snagging your delicate hair with a comb.

Beauty Rest

If you’ve ever suspected your hair parties while you’re asleep, you might not be too far off! Bedhead isn’t just an annoying daily obstacle. It’s the snag in your beauty routine that results in lots of tangles, mats, and frizz.

Consider a bedroom update with silk or polished cotton pillowcases. These materials won’t catch like regular cotton. For a more budget-friendly option, try a silk or satin scarf or head wrap and wake up naturally beautiful and tangle-free every day of the week.

Watch the Wind

The Mile High City isn’t just famous for incredible hiking. Mountain air brings strong winds that can make your hair a little more wild and free than you’d prefer.

If you’re going out into the blustery woods, rock a cute trail hat, tie your hair up in a neat bun (ponytails are even more tangle-prone due to the free-flowing mane), or wear a scarf or headband. Be sure to give your hair some extra love afterward with a revitalizing hair masque to restore any moisture that’s been stripped away. Fighting dryness will prevent snares and keep your hair soft and luxurious.

Seal Your Ends

Protecting your hair against tangles and frizz is easier done with a protein-enriched treatment that seals your ends and locks in shape and structure. If your hair is especially tangle-prone, consider a keratin treatment. Keratin treatments strengthen while revitalizing tired, dry locks to create seamlessly smooth hair. At the end of your session, your stylist will heat seal the treatment into place, locking in vital keratin protein and sealing the ends to prevent future damage.

Don’t Put off Routine Trims

Regular haircuts and trims are key to any strategy for how to prevent tangles. Even if you have long hair that’s relatively low-maintenance, caring for layers, ends, and overall health prevents your beautiful, natural locks from becoming brittle and compromised. Too many tangles lead to breakage! Stop the snares in their tracks by scheduling your appointments in advance for effortless chic that stays bouncy, vibrant, and soft. Once you know how to prevent tangles, it’s just a matter of putting your routine together.

Overdue for a hair appointment? We won’t judge! Smooth things out with our style professionals at Deseo. We’re excited to see you.

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