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Delivering on-trend style is our mission at Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver. That means making sure our Rocky Mountain beauty gurus stay glowing even after they’ve left our salon chair. Certain styles like curtain bangs require a commitment to at-home hair care that can seem daunting without a team of professional stylists backing up your beauty routine.

Our locally owned and operated luxury salon will never leave you or your ends hanging. We’ve developed a full catalog of home hair care guides to navigate the in’s and out’s of any cut and style.

Curtain bangs are one of our favorite cuts! They’re chic, sophisticated, playful, and always trendy. Curtain bangs are loved by all. But they’re often met with hesitation at the thought of maintaining those bangs or transitioning out of curtain bangs. Worry no more with our ultimate guide to rocking your bangs and changing styles with ease.

Here are the top do’s and don’t’s for hair care with bangs.

Maintaining Curtain Bangs

Photo of curtain bangs styled at Deseo Salon and BlowDry

Maintaining curtain bangs (any bangs) is one of the best at-home hair care skills to master. Curtain bangs, straight bangs, or Cleopatra bangs all have a similar care routine for those in-between-salon-visit weeks. With a bit of practice and a lot of hair love, you’ll never have to suffer through an awkward bangs stage. 


  • Give your bangs extra love with hydrating conditioner designed for smoothness and shine. The key to prevent frizzy bangs is following a strict nourishing routine at home. We recommend Kérastase’s Fondant Fluidealiste for maintaining sleek curtain bangs between salon visits.
  • Use care when blowdrying curtain bangs. Use the wrap-dry technique to brush the fringe forward over your face, then brush your bangs from side to side until dry. This will train your hairline to maintain its chic shape.
  • Get creative with fun style options for working out with bangs! Keep your curtain bangs flawless by protecting them with wraps, top knots, and side twists.
  • Set a standing appointment for a trim every 4-6 weeks. Deseo Salon & BlowDry makes maintaining bangs simple, fast, convenient, and as easy as running your fingers through your stunning hair.


  • Trim your bangs yourself. Trust us on this one. The angle and length can be highly deceiving to the untrained eye. If you’re having a moment of bang angst, simply book your next appointment at Deseo, take a deep breath, and rock an adorable vintage hair clip or elegant barrette until you’re safely in our salon chair. Put. Down. The. Scissors.
  • Go too heavy on the gel and sculpting products. Overdoing it with oils, serums, and gels can turn your fluffy bangs into an oily mess. If you’re hoping to achieve a slicked-back look, use clever bobby pins and hair clips instead of gels every so often to avoid weighing down your bangs.

Transitioning Away From Curtain Bangs

Close-up photo of curtain bangs cut at Deseo Salon and BlowDry

Let your bangs go out with, well, a bang by transitioning your hair in style with these simple tips for rocking flawless locks. 


  • Be patient. The first week or two of transitioning bangs is often the hardest. Your once stunning bangs are looking long and unruly, sharp edges are poking into your eyes, and it’s tempting to want to chop them off and start again. Instead, use a bit of hair gel to train the roots and the front of your hairline to transition into a curtain shape. Use a touch of Kevin Murphy’s SUPER.GOO on damp hair to shape your bangs into order, then use a small round brush to enhance the shape.
  • Rock a side-swept look until your bangs have grown out. Transitioning from curtain bangs to side-swept bangs can be achieved by clipping your hair to the side and retraining your part. This flattering, face-framing style is a great in-between for transitioning blunt bangs.
  • Utilize the power of chic sophistication with slicked-back bangs for days when your hair simply won’t cooperate. An elegant bun is the best style for growing out bangs.
  • Keep up on your layers while blending your bangs into a longer style. Uneven or overgrown layers can throw off your entire vibe. Stop by your local luxury salon to get a touch-up without trimming your bangs back.


  • Compromise on a style you won’t love simply to fix one bad hair day. Give your bangs time to grow, and ask your stylist for some transition style ideas instead.
  • Rely too much on heat treating to force your bangs to stay put. Heatless techniques like wrapping, twisting, and clipping your bangs up are just as effective.
  • Did we mention that you should never, ever cut your bangs at home? Good. Just checking.

With a little patience and a lot of hair love, your bangs will dazzle and delight no matter how your style changes. 

Ready for some fabulous selfies? Book your appointment with our expert stylists today and start enjoying your best hair day ever.

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