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Curly Hair in Denver, Colorado

Discover the Best Curly Hair Salon in Town

If you’re a curly hair goddess, you know each curl and wave is unique. Distinction is what sets your hair apart from the rest. When it comes to caring for your curls, your hair salon should be just as remarkable. Deseo Salon & BlowDry in Denver, CO, is the premier luxury hair salon for curly hair. Fostering your hair’s natural health and vibrance is at the heart of our style philosophy. We bring the volume, the shine, the glitz, and the glam!

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Our glam squad is trained in formal styles for curly hair as well as bridal hair for a variety of textures. 

Are you due for a trim? We can help your volume and length goals by caring for your long curly hair. 

Or maybe you’ve decided to add a pop of dimension to your beachy waves. Balayage is an excellent highlighting technique that brings out depth and movement in curls. 

Whatever your goal, our experts know curl care.

Empowering our clients in their hair journey is what we do at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. Great hair care starts in our chair and builds when our clients take home new techniques and product ideas. Let’s take the first step in learning more about curly hair. We love curls, and we know you’ll love our expertise in styling them! 

Curly Hair 101

How well do you really know your curly hair? Becoming BFFs with your curls is the best way to level up your hair care routine. When we talk about curly hair, we’re often speaking about a wide diversity of hair types and textures. But this can be easily confusing when you see products generically marketed for curly hair. Finding the right salon for your curls can be even more of an undertaking. After all, choosing a stylist is a bit of a trust fall. You want to feel confident knowing your hair is in good hands with someone who understands the requirements to keep it healthy.

Each curl pattern is unique. The shape and movement of your hair will determine how it responds to different cuts, treatments, colors, and products. Let’s start with the four hair types. 

A basic overview of the four main hair types can also be thought of as a measure of curliness. Types 1 through 4 range in texture from straight hair that is fine, delicate, and curl resistant to tightly coiled hair with tons of volume and shape. Types 2 and 3 fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, with Type 2 being wavy hair and Type 3 being curly hair that ranges from loose curls to corkscrews. Each hair type can be broken down further by rankings A-C to better indicate what kind of curly hair you’re working with.

S-Shaped Curls

These are your classic waves that appear in an S-shaped curl pattern. Wavy hair tends to have more movement and elasticity than tighter curls and can be either fine or coarse. S-shaped hair follicles lie flatter against the scalp than other curl types. This curl pattern does best with lightweight styling products. Additionally, S-shaped curls tend to be lower porosity, meaning they do not easily absorb water or product. This is key when caring for your curls and considering color treatments or other styling options.

Spiral Curls

This shape is a complete loop wherein the curl is tighter and more pronounced. Corkscrew curls are a classic example of this curl pattern. Curls that fall in spirals can be voluminous and reflective, capturing great shine and depth. This hair type can fall on either end of the porosity spectrum or lie right in the middle. 

Balancing your hair’s needs is one of the most important aspects of caring for this type of curl pattern, as spiral curls tend to have both oily and dry spells. You’ll want to:

  • Be mindful of how your hair changes seasonally.
  • Observe how your curls react to humidity.
  • Schedule your salon appointments well in advance to stay ahead of your hair’s evolving needs.

Z-Shaped Curls

Z-shaped curls are the rarest curl pattern and among the most exquisite. These curls are tight coils that form a zigzag pattern. Unlike the other curl types mentioned, Z-shaped curls tend to have very little defined hair sectioning. As a result, the volume you can capture from Z-shaped curls is out of this world! 

Long curly hair of this variety grows out beautifully with proper stretching and nourishment. This curl type typically has high porosity, so combating dryness and locking in moisture will be essential in elevating your look. 

We hope our Curly Hair 101 has detangled some of the mystery surrounding caring for your hair. If you’re curious about the exact texture and type of curls you’re working with, our expert style team is happy to help. Knowing your hair type better informs your home care routine and the products you choose. We can provide focused recommendations and help build your curly hair care routine. Stop by for your consultation today and learn more about caring for your curly hair.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at different lengths of curly hair and how best to manage them.

Long Curly Hair

Smiling woman with long curly brown hair

Finding the right stylist for long curly hair in Denver can feel like a never-ending journey. Caring for long curly hair can often feel daunting, especially when entrusting your long locks to an expert. Many curly hair salons cater to a specific length and aren’t well-equipped to work with long, luxurious curls and waves. At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we turn all curl types into masterpieces!

Caring for long curly hair is a process that prioritizes your hair’s health alongside maintaining length. It’s important not to over-process or over-style your locks, especially when caring for long curly hair in Denver during the often dry winters. 

Using techniques that are gentle on your curls will allow them to thrive. Think low heat, deep conditioning, and natural products that capture your hair’s shine without weighing it down. Regular trims keep your hair fresh all year long. 

If you have long curly hair that suffers from a lack of volume, adding layers is a great way to enhance your natural beauty without drastically processing your hair. Long curls are perfect for weaving in highlights and colors. Consider a sweeping balayage treatment for your next show-stopping look.

Medium Curly Hair

Celebrate the versatility of medium curly hair in Denver! This hair type is among our favorites to style. Mid-length curls are fun, vibrant, and full of movement. If you’ve ever seen chic vintage styles or elegantly layered bobs and wondered if your curls suited the look, we’re happy to tell you that medium curly hair can do just about anything. Let your creativity run wild with designs that capture both volume and radiance.

If you’re planning to grow out your medium-length curly hair, end and edge control will be important factors in enhancing length. Often, when our clients come in with medium curly hair that has hit a plateau in new hair growth, the culprit is almost always split ends. Frizz and fraying occur as a result of dryness. A dry environment causes your curls to seek more moisture from the air, which is why humidity has such an impact on curly hair. Over time, dryness deteriorates the integrity of the hair follicle and causes it to break.

We’d recommend a deep conditioning treatment to lock in shine and hydration for medium curly hair in Denver. Healthy hair stretches and grows with ease, adding length and fullness to your naturally stunning look.

Short Curly Hair

Maintaining short curly hair in Denver has never been easier! Our style team is on your side with all of the best trending short curly hairstyles. Whether you’re going from long curly hair to short curly hair or maintaining your chic short locks, we have the tools and expertise to make your style inspiration come to life. 

Caring for short curly hair is all about maximizing shape and volume to bring your locks to life. You want to maintain a curl pattern without compromising on the length. Simply put, you’re working with a smaller canvas to create a masterpiece. Curl sculpting is the best part of bringing short curly hair to the next level. 

Are you looking to elevate your style by adding length? Extensions are a fantastic idea for short curly hair. If you don’t want to wait for your curls to grow out or you’d rather not commit to the upkeep of long locks, opt for faux curls to achieve your style goals. Not only do extensions protect your root and scalp, allowing new growth at the follicle and preventing damage to your natural hair, but they’re a relatively low-maintenance protective style option for curls. Our salon uses 100% REMI extensions without synthetics to best match your hair’s texture and feel. Installation is quick and easy, making it the perfect option for prepping short curly hair for a special occasion on short notice.

Salon Care for Curly Hair: The Importance of Choosing the Right Stylist 

Woman with short curly hair in Denver

Bring the fire to your curls with salon excellence designed with your hair type in mind. Curly hair requires trained expertise to foster healthy, glowing locks. For example, curls cannot be cut with the same technique as pin-straight hair. The styling techniques you’ll find when going to a curl-savvy salon can be life-changing if you’ve been trusting your curls to generic haircutters. To start, certain curl types benefit from dry-cutting instead of trimming the hair when wet (as you would for straight hair types). Dry-cutting helps form the exact length and shape of the style you’re envisioning.

In addition, a curly hair-savvy stylist is like having your own glamor assistant. They understand your hair type, its growth cycle, and its seasonal needs. We can identify treatments that would benefit your hair goals, such as growing and stretching curls. Your stylist can also recommend the ideal maintenance schedule to ensure you never miss a trim. 

When taking the movement of your hair into account, highlights and color treatments are positioned at the correct angles to really pop through your curls. Best of all, you’ll be a part of a curly hair community and find inspiration from different styles, colors, and techniques found in our Denver curly hair salon.

Bring out the luxurious distinction in every lock with salon treatments that understand curl care.

How to Care for Your Curls at Home

Of course, regular salon visits are best supported by a robust home hair care routine. Your hair care routine is as unique as your curls. Establish a curly hair care regimen that fits your lifestyle and your hair’s needs with these fundamental tenets for amazing, rich curls.

Establishing a Routine

Get into the habit of fostering healthy curls. Building out a schedule for your curly hair will save time and help you stay on track. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of information available for curly hair care. We’ve paired down the basics as recommended by salon professionals.

Schedule Your Wash Days

Curly hair is at its healthiest when wash days are part of a weekly schedule. You don’t want to be washing your curls every day. Overwashing breaks down your hair’s natural oils and causes your curls to lose moisture. Over time, this can lead to breakage. We recommend starting your curls on a 3- or 4-day wash schedule and moving to weekly if your hair is especially dense and prone to dryness.

Do a Co-Wash

Have you heard of co-washing? This magical technique can get you through the in-between days by using only conditioner to refresh your curls. Co-washing will help soothe dryness. We recommend working a co-wash in every other week or seasonally as needed during our dry Colorado winters.

Perfect With Oil

Rich, nourishing hair oil locks in shine and seals the ends of curls to prevent moisture from escaping. Finish your style routine with a natural oil serum such as argan or rose before exposing your hair to heat styling. This will protect your ends from damage while enhancing luminosity.

Go Low Heat

Opt for lower heat styling techniques such as heatless wrap curls, reverse air hair dryers, and minimal flat ironing whenever possible. When style goals call for high heat treatments, be sure to use a quality heat protectant that is suitable to the heat level of the device you’re using.

When in doubt about the best way to care for curls at home, remember the LOC method! A consistent rotation of liquid, oil, and conditioner will bring out the best in your healthy, radiant curls.

The Right Products for Your Curls

Curly hair is phenomenal! The products you use should be just as exceptional as your hair type. But generic curly hair products from big box stores aren’t tailored to suit specific curl patterns. In fact, they’re often only suited to a select few hair types and do not work well for long curly hair or dense coils. 

A good guide to choosing the right products for your curls begins with knowing what not to use. Curly hair is best treated with natural shampoos and conditioners free of drying agents such as sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohol, and harsh additives. 

Our favorite brands for curly hair include Oribe, which curates a line of rich botanical-infused styling products for all curl types, and Kérastase for strengthening, protein-rich products that elevate wavy curls and boost volume. Don’t be afraid to try out different products until you find the right combination for your hair type and curl goals. You may need to rotate products seasonally as your hair’s needs change.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

Woman with spiral curls

Did you know that scalp health is the foundation of hair health? Just as we prioritize a healthy skincare routine, showing your scalp some love is important. Curly hair is especially susceptible to dryness and buildup. If you have thick, curly hair that’s voluminous and dense, then you may notice occasional scalp irritation. Itching, redness, and inflammation are signs that you need a scalp cleanse. Our go-to scalp cleansing routine is fairly simple.

Start by exfoliating your skin using a scalp brush. This step removes any buildup or leftover product residue. We recommend doing this as part of your shower routine so your scalp benefits from the steam treatment alongside exfoliation. Steam softens the skin and promotes circulation, activating the hair follicles. 

Next, pamper your scalp with a rich, nourishing oil mask. You can use simple DIY products such as coconut oil and aloe to promote amazing skin health. Natural oils act as a moisturizer, while aloe fights bacterial buildup. We recommend working a scalp cleanse into your hair care routine on a bi-weekly basis. Depending on your hair’s seasonal needs, you may adjust this to suit your hair’s optimal health requirements.

Extend Your Options for Curly Hair in Denver

Lastly, if you love to rock hair extensions and faux locks, be mindful of how long you’re leaving your extensions in. On average, extensions should be moved up or adjusted every eight weeks. Leaving extensions in for too long can cause added pressure on your scalp and contribute to dryness and buildup. If you have a particularly sensitive scalp, we’d recommend opting for lightweight, low-tension extensions such as clip-ins and tape-ins.

Caring for curly hair in Denver, CO, is often an adventure when it comes to finding the right stylist for your beautiful natural locks. Our team at Deseo Salon & BlowDry takes the “excitement” out of the journey by delivering simple, consistent luxury hair styling for curls. We look forward to learning more about your hair type and welcoming you to the curl community. So schedule your consultation today and discover your best curls yet at our salon.