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Vacation is the time to relax, rejuvenate, and let the wind comb your hair. When you’re all about creating new memories and experiences, it’s understandable to put your hair goals on pause. Most travelers will have an inconsistent daily routine. Products may not be easily accessible, and, unfortunately, your salon can’t travel with you. Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to let you know that’s perfectly okay! Even the most pampered hair needs a vacation every now and then. In fact, short breaks can actually help your lovely locks to come back stronger and more radiant than ever. Once you’re back on mountain time, take on these hair care tips after vacation is over to repair damage and restore your naturally beautiful glow.

Sand, Sun, and Everything In Between

What’s a vacation without a little time at the beach? While the ocean is great for the soul, saltwater can wreak havoc on hair. Salt dries out hair follicles quickly, leaving your ends damaged, brittle, and screaming for a break of their own. When hair is overly dry, it begins to lose its natural elasticity and shine.

Even wind damage can have a similar effect by tangling locks while sucking out the moisture. This means not even Colorado’s mountain adventurers are safe. Tying your hair up in braids and ponytails is a good fix in the moment, but even that can inevitably lead to further breakage.

The best way to treat your hair after a long holiday is by masquing. Oribe’s Gold Lust Transformative Masque is ideal for worn out, jetlagged roots. This bio-restorative formula penetrates the root and actively promotes the reconstruction and growth of cells. White tea, baobob, and jasmine extracts restore softness and silky shine. Go back to looking fresh from the beach (in a good way) even after you’ve landed in the Mile High City.

You may think you’re safe if your plans are just to lay by the shoreline, but sun damaged hair can be just as desperate for moisture and nourishment as sea swept locks. Colored hair is particularly susceptible to fading. No one likes dry, brassy strands. Book yourself a corrective color session with your favorite Denver stylist as a treat for when you dock! Gloss and toner is also a great idea, both before and after your vacation.

Getting Back to Your Routine

Routines evaporate you’re on vacation. Having an imperfect style routine, using travel-sized or generic shampoo, and using hotel heating tools won’t ruin your hair. But it can leave your tresses feeling the post-vacation blues. It’s important to jump back into a healthy routine once you’ve arrived home. Think of this as your hair’s “welcome home” party!

Kérastase’s full line of restorative products is great for color-treated hair or any hair that’s been a bit neglected. Sulfate-free and full of natural proteins, Kérastase’s shampoo, conditioner, and hydrating Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil offer a simple arsenal for reviving worn out hair.

Time for a Trim

Whether you’re out exploring or relaxing at the spa, travel can put a lot of stress on your hair! It’s a good idea to time your next cut with a return flight. Removing dead ends and refreshing your look is often just what your hair needs after a trip.

Many clients book a haircut prior to vacation, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a fabulous new look for your adventures! Consider also stopping in for a styling or color session, and saving your trim (or chop) for after you land. Not only will this give you a little extra pampering to look forward to, but it’s a great way to shed the stress of travel and clean up your hair.

Following these hair care tips after vacation season ends is a great way to make your hair relaxed and healthy, too. Ready to book your post-vacation hair session? Contact our expert stylists today at Deseo Salon & BlowDry for endlessly fab looks!

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