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At Deseo Salon & BlowDry of Denver, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day or an awkward phase. All change leads to positive growth. When it comes to growing longer bangs, there are a few simple tips for making the transition easier. Taking short to medium-length bangs to longer bangs or growing them out completely doesn’t need to be hair pulling and stressful. Grow with us at Deseo and enjoy your hair at every stage!

Enrich and Hydrate

Moisture is key for encouraging healthy, soft length and resilient hair. Short hairstyles often go through a rough patch where the ends may begin to look ragged and frayed. Skip the awkward phase by nourishing your bangs with rich moisture products like Oribe’s full line of shampoos, conditioners, serums, and masques. 

Hydrated hair is happy hair! When it comes to growing longer bangs, moisturizing products eliminate frizzy ends. Then you can transition seamlessly into flowing fringe and shaggy, feathered cuts.

Trim, Don’t Chop

While you’re busy resisting the urge to chop your bangs in favor of growing out your long, luxurious locks, don’t forget about regular trims. Keeping up with your evolving style makes blending layers easy and flawless. A routine trim will help your hair to grow faster and longer. When ends are healthy, they absorb the vitamins, nutrients, and moisture needed to thrive.

Check in with your friendly neighborhood stylist whenever your hair is feeling down for a little fringe revival.

Explore Style Options

Many fashionistas make the mistake of assuming they simply need to sit and wait for their hair to grow out to start loving their look again. Our high-end, luxury stylists are firm believers in waking up gorgeous every day. That’s why we’re proud to bring years of experience and training in styling a variety of hair types, textures, and phases to the Jefferson Park area. 

There are so many versatile ways to style bangs! An elegant side fringe is one of our favorite looks. It’s also a preferred trend for those wanting to grow out short or medium-length bangs. If you’d rather keep your bangs for as long as possible, consider long, choppy shag bangs or side-parted and feathered bangs for a chic hippie aesthetic.

Want to go more elegant? Eyebrow grazing Cleopatra bangs are a red carpet stunner that never goes out of style.

Once your bangs have outgrown these styles, our glam squad is here to help you move right into your next amazing look. With so many fabulous bang styles to choose from, boring hair is a thing of the past, whether you’re growing longer bangs or not.

Get Creative With At-Home Hair Styling

Growth phases are where you can really allow yourself to experiment with different hairstyles at home. Managing long bangs can either be a challenge or an exciting new DIY beauty adventure!

Use a little hairspray to create 80s hair glam with a volumized fringe. For added drama, work in a touch of Kérastase’s V.I.P. — Volume in Powder formula. This will keep your rocker-chic aesthetic looking fresh and your bangs from going flat. Curl the ends of your bangs for a high fashion vibe or style them straight for simple chic. The possibilities for everyday hair are endless when it comes to growing out bangs in style.

Working out with bangs can be a daunting prospect. Don’t hesitate to sweat it out with cute headbands, wraps, and your ever-trusty bobby pins! Once your bangs grow long enough, try a mini braid through your fringe. Not only will braids keep hair neatly out of the way, but this creative look is a great one for going straight from the gym to your work or errands — or out on a date night.

Book your next amazing hair venture today with our one-of-a-kind luxury salon in the heart of Denver.

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