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With so many adventures for a Colorado girl’s summer, wrestling with high-maintenance hair isn’t on the ultimate June to October bucket list. The change of seasons means a change of style. We’re imagining new and exciting looks — without a major change in hair care routine. Versatile style means more trips to the trails, breweries, and art galleries, or just more time spent comfortably at home. Check out these top six summer haircuts that will take you from summer to fall in flawless style.

1. Lovely Lob

A lob might sound like the latest science fiction creature to hit summertime movie theaters, but it’s actually one of the coolest short hair trends to hit the 2020 hairstyle scene. Lobs, just as the name implies, are long bobs that frame your face and flatter your features. They’re far more forgiving than other short haircuts and grow out naturally as the cooler weather rolls in.

2. Layer Up 

Every Coloradoan knows layers are key. When it comes to transitioning between seasons, your hair is no exception to the tried and true rule. Keep summertime hair light and airy by thinning out long, thick tresses with layers or volumizing thin, delicate strands with dimension and fullness. Your expert stylist will be able to identify your hair type and recommend the perfect amount of layers for your #HairGoals.

A layered look is always in season and stays fresh between salon visits. 

3. Chic Undercut

Dying to try a radical style, but afraid to commit to the upkeep? Go a little wild this summer with a colorful undercut.

Rather than dye the top layer of your hair, get a celebrity chic look by buzzing the back or side and letting the longer locks fall seamlessly into place. Brighten up the buzzed section with hot fashion colors like magenta and ocean blue for a hidden surprise. Not only is this a stealthy tip for office-approved hair color, but concealing your inner rebel makes rocking long autumn hair a breeze. Simply touch up the colored section to match your natural hue and slick it back with Free.Hold paste by Kevin.Murphy to avoid any loose ends when growing out an undercut.

4. Pixie Fairy Tale

If the Denver heat has got you wanting to chop all your hair off, there’s no need to fear going for an edgy, drastic change. A little planning will save you the trouble of an awkward hair transition when growing out short styles. Opt for a longer, shaggy pixie rather than a full Rosemary’s Baby look. This will give your hair some freedom to grow into a sleek bob that pairs perfectly with any scarf.

5. Shoulder-Length Shag

Embrace a retro vibe with a wavy, shoulder-length shag. This style channels natural, beachy curls and doesn’t require daily heat-treating or excessive maintenance to keep you looking flawless. A quick spritz of Oribe’s dry texturizing spray is all it takes to scrunch your waves back into place and head out to greet the day. By fall, you’ll be ready to transition to soft curls for an Instagram-ready autumn aesthetic.

6. All Hail Cleopatra

Nothing says old Hollywood glam like a Cleopatra cut. For those who love the look and feel of ultra-straight, soft, shiny hair, a shoulder-length Cleopatra cut is the style to stun from one season to the next. Prep your hair with a Brazilian Blowout or Keratherapy treatment before styling. Professional straightening treatments strengthen hair proteins, smooth away frizz, and make your Queen of the Nile style last longer. With no bangs to maintain, this is a classic cut for seasonal elegance.

At Deseo, we love seeing our happy clients return to the salon chair. However, we know your schedule doesn’t always allow for a monthly visit. Enjoy more time exploring with these fabulously easy summer haircuts and let us help kickstart an amazing summer.

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