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Deseo Salon & BlowDry has your name at the top of our nice list this holiday season with the hottest hair color trends in Denver, Colorado. The best hairstyles of 2020 are here with hues so bright they’ll put Rudolph’s nose to shame. These fabulously cheery colors will last from family gatherings to New Year’s Eve parties and straight on till morning. Treat yourself to the perfect early gift to self with these amazing holiday season color trends!

1. Tweed

No, we aren’t talking about the Havardesque fall pants we all love or a snug cardigan. Tweed hair is the latest Chicago-born style trend to hit the Colorado fashion scene. Beauty gurus are moving away from sharp highlights and brighter ombres, especially as we head into the colder months. This color gives a more evenly distributed highlight effect that appears naturally chic. Celebrity colorist Rex Jimieson dubbed the look “tweed” after the checkered balayage blend that invokes the feeling of autumn vibes.

2. Dark Roots

Will 2020 be the year you finally stop worrying about your roots? Stylists say yes!

Bold roots are all the rage in many holiday season color trends. Think Dua Lipa’s platinum blonde fade with naturally dark roots to accent her dramatic style. This is the year to go ultra blonde without worrying about constant touch-ups. Ash blonde, champagne, and snow-white are some of the most popular celebrity hues. You might even consider visiting with your friendly neighborhood colorist to see if a bleach and tone treatment is the right color match for your #hairgoals.

3. Orchard Red

If you’re like us and have been holding your breath (and your ends) for autumn’s latest, hottest take on the ever classic auburn, we’re happy to announce that the wait is over. Orchard red is this year’s amber hair of choice. Unlike deeper crimson tones, this farmer’s market-ready color invokes warm cider hues with a copper undertone that’s sure to dazzle. It’s a great choice for enhancing the natural radiance of your lovely complexion.

4. Pastel Peach

There’s nothing more New Year’s Eve worthy than this amazing hue! Pastel peach is the next step in the evolution of the rose gold hair love we’ve been feeling for a while now. Celebrity colorist George Papanikolas describes the look as “less unicorn-pigmented and more of a sheer whisper of color to give a softer and more demure version of the pastel tones.” 

Looking for a little extra shine to carry you through to that NYE kiss? Pair your new color with an ultra-reflective gloss treatment for maximum brilliance.

5. Chocolate Love

Deep brown tones and almost-black highlights are the best looks for brunettes in 2020. These warm holiday hues range from caramel to near midnight, bringing out subtle dimension and movement. 

Think all black and brown shades are the same? Think again! Boxes are best left for presents, not hair dye. It’s important to visit a professional colorist to assess which level of chocolate beauty is the best match for your hair, skin tone, and desired look. The right choco love palette can create rich volume and dynamic radiance that will bring out the sparkle in your holiday gathering.

6. Baby Blonde

Imagine the sun on the first snow of winter. Now take that warm blonde beauty, bottle it up, and style it with love and care.

Baby blonde is a step away from the ice blonde Grace Kelly curls of classic retro Christmas parties and more boho forest faerie chic. The color is nearly platinum but more natural and dimensional. Your stylist will apply a warm, pale base color with near-white highlights to create a glowing winter wonderland that’s less ice queen and more merry sprite.

Feeling color inspired? Book your holiday hair appointment early so your hair doesn’t miss a single moment of cheer!

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