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There’s a change in the air in Denver! Our Jefferson Park salon guests know it’s not just the beautiful Colorado leaves that are ready for a fresh pop of color. It’s time to embrace the coziest fall hair color trends of 2021. From bold and bright to subtle and muted, autumn is sure to be vibrant. Stunning fall hair color ideas come in all cuts, shapes, and styles. Whether you’re planning to rock a chic fall pixie or grow out your lovely locks for the chilly winter months ahead, now is the perfect time to find the right shade.

The best stylists around the globe have weighed in on fall hair color trends in 2021. After a summer of eye-catching, sizzling hot colors, fall hair color trends are expected to take on a more low-maintenance style. Think femme fatale and film noir chic, a dash of ’90s nostalgia, and a hint of modern love in our fall 2021 lineup. That’s just the start of what our clients can expect from our luxury salon in Denver, Colorado. 

Warm balayage coloring from 4-05

Deseo Salon & BlowDry has the inside scoop on this year’s autumn lookbook. Our expert colorists are trained at world-renowned style institutes alongside top industry professionals. That means our salon specializes in not only staying on-trend and providing our clients a preview of the must-have colors this season but also delivering these looks to our glamorous guests.

Color us in love with these autumn tones!

1. Simple Solids

Summer may have been the season of ombre and balayage, but simple solid hues are making a timeless comeback this fall. We’re anticipating dark chocolate tresses, rich mochas, and warm auburns to kick off our favorite fall hair color trends of 2021.

The best part of solid all-over hair color? When given the luxury salon treatment and applied by a professional, solid colors are a great low-maintenance hair option. The trick is working with your expert colorist to match your natural hue, then take the shade one or two tones lighter. Your colorist will match your base shade, so there’s no demarcation line to worry about. This creates a natural fade after a few washes and can get you through up to eight weeks without a retouch.

Matt Rez, top celebrity colorist at L.A.’s Meche Salon, says:

“I love this for people who want super-easy and quick trips in and out of the salon. If you get touch-ups every two to eight weeks and want to keep it simple—especially now in these times—this is for you.”

Low-maintenance fall hair color trends? Color us impressed!

2. Root Blurring

Root blurring is the latest new style to debut on the fall fashion scene. We’re especially excited to add this unique coloring technique to the best fall hair color trends of the season. Colors that grow out easily and fade as naturally as the autumn leaves are going to be a big hit this year. The blurred root is replacing the classic fall ombre with a fresh twist. In fact, celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo calls the blurred root a “2021 remix of ombré.”

At Deseo, we love a good remix. A blurred root involves taking the hair color a shade more muted near the top of the roots to create a blended grow-out. This look is soft, chic, and definitely one of the best fall hair color ideas on our list. It’s ideal for active glam gurus who may not have time in their routine for a more high-maintenance style. In fact, when applied by a professional, a good blurred root only needs to be retouched twice a year. 

Now that’s an on-trend and effortless style for every hair type!

3. Deep Auburn

Woman with deep auburn hair, one of the popular hair color trends in 2021

It wouldn’t be a fall hair color trends list without at least one red hair color highlighting the season!

Last year, copper and blunt red were the hues to beat. When it comes to the best fall hair color trends of 2021, deep auburn is the number one shade for channeling your inner autumn goddess. Auburn creates warmth and richness. This shade complements a variety of skin tones, where bright red and copper can be more limiting. 

However, beware of box dyes! Many boxed auburns contain a purple hue that won’t fade well. Opt for the luxury salon difference instead. Achieving true auburn is a matter of color theory mastery. You’ll want to ensure the base color has a brown undertone instead of purple to achieve the vivid depth of true auburn.

4. Chunky Highlights Are Back!

1990s nostalgia doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. To be honest, we’re not mad about it!

Chunky highlights are back in style and giving us sexy Brittany vibes all autumn long. While these highlights tend to be more on the high-maintenance end of the hair spectrum and won’t fade as naturally as other hues on our fall hair color list, we can attest that they’re worth the extra salon visits. Chunky highlights are a great way to create the illusion of volume in thin, delicate hair.

However, DIY bleaching and lightening — especially during the dry fall months — can often fry delicate hair. To make matters worse, failing to balance the tone of the highlights can leave you with yellow, copper, or even green shades throughout.

Just because the ’90s are back doesn’t mean you have to live by outdated hair coloring techniques. Put down the peroxide and stop by your neighborhood luxury salon instead. We’ll have you looking like the bomb in no time.

5. Espresso Brunette

What could be cozier than a warm mug of espresso?

Espresso brunette hair is giving us sultry 1930s movie goddess vibes this fall. Pair this chic look with a scarf or high collared peacoat to be the femme fatale star of your own noir classic. Best of all, espresso brown fades well with most colors. The exact shade that will fade best for your hair depends on your base color. 

Brown tones can come across too muted, so it’s important to find a hue that’s bold enough to create a noticeable difference in depth without going too extreme so as to appear harsh and unnatural. With the right style team at your side, you’ll be thanking the academy in no time.

6. Faerie-Like Face-Framing Highlights

A balayage coloring style with light highlights

If you aren’t ready for a full head of chunky highlights, face-framing highlights are a light, ethereal touch for fall 2021 hair trends. Highlights can be as vibrant or as subtle as you’d like. Lighter tones work well for fairer complexions, while warmer complexions look best with a hint of copper throughout. This style is also great for those searching for fall hair color ideas for short to medium-length hair, as well as longer locks. Through careful placement, an expert colorist can adjust the length of each highlight to suit the length of your hair. We can also arrange each highlight to suit your face shape.

Face-framing highlights are among the most flattering fall hair color trends for all styles, hair types, and lengths. While these pretty, effortless highlights rank moderately for upkeep, they’re a 10/10 when it comes to stunning autumn fashion.

The best fall hair color trends are waiting for you at Deseo Salon & BlowDry. If our fall hair color trends preview has left you feeling inspired, book your autumn hair appointment today with our amazing team.

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