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Denver’s busy professionals are always on the go. That means being ready to hop onto a Zoom meeting at a moment’s notice, radiate confidence, and deliver exceptional communication and leadership, all without a hair out of place. Maybe your hair isn’t quite as flexible as the wonders of modern business technology, but that’s okay. That’s why our stylists have put together the ultimate guide for mastering the art of Zoom meeting hair — anytime, anywhere. Don’t mute these five amazing tips from Deseo!

1. Perfect Your Zoom Meeting Hair by Volumizing to Impress

Ever wonder why celebrities often go for big, dramatic hair? Chances are, your hair will look flatter on camera than it does in real life.

This means you’ll need to add some “va-va-voom!” to Zoom. Amp up your hair with endless dimension and volume. Kerastase’s V.I.P. — Volume in Powder is an essential part of your at-home workday. Keep a secret weapon beauty bin near your home office for a quick style revival after a morning run, straight out of bed, or any time you find your hair needing a little extra lift before an important team-building session. After all, boosting your hair’s morale is just as important when it comes to inspiring success.

2. Always Be Flawless With Natural Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to cheat the system and climb straight to the top of the corporate hair game ladder. Your expert stylist can carefully weave in 100% REMI hair wefts to blend seamlessly with your natural locks. This can create the illusion of luscious curls and save you time on doing your hair in the morning. The extensions will need to be moved up routinely, depending on which application method you choose, but they can be treated and styled just like real hair — because they are!

3. Keep It Slick and Simple

Flexibility doesn’t always mean you have unlimited free time. In fact, work-from-home professionals are often more slammed than traditional 9-to-5 office staff due to the high expectations we often put on ourselves when managing our own schedules. 

Take one less expectation off the list and give your hair a few days off. You won’t always have time for a full morning routine, and that’s okay! Keep your off days simple and chic with modern, sophisticated ballerina buns and slicked back ponytails. Use a bit of Kevin Murphy’s lightweight, smooth sculpting EASY.RIDER to tame away any frizz. If your hair is too short for a pony or bun, use bobby pins to create the illusion of a pulled back, professional style. It’s a simple way to style your Zoom meeting hair without extra stress.

This look is great for pairing with hoop earrings and bold, statement necklaces.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Just like you remind yourself to hydrate throughout the day, moisturizing is the key to achieving flawless Zoom meeting hair. Don’t neglect your high-quality at-home haircare routine throughout the week. When your hair is healthy and enriched with key proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and botanicals, it’s far easier to feel and look confident on camera.

Opt for a reflective, light-capturing hydration blend like Oribe’s celebrity style line of products.

5. Focus Front and Center

A classic rookie Zoom error, right after forgetting where the mute button is, is worrying too much about all over hairstyling. Unlike in “real time,” your team and clients will mainly see the front of your hair. That means it’s okay to rock the “party in the back, business in the front” look from time to time. Take care of your bangs and fringe, and also keep your face-framing curls and pin-straight locks on point. Don’t stress things like roots too much, at least for keeping your hair Zoom meeting ready.

With a little front camera preparation, you’ll be able to give the impression that you never have a bad hair day. Stay ready for every meeting, Zoom call, coffee shop jaunt, and beyond with the style experts at Deseo! We’re here to help keep your style perfect.

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