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If you wake up one day and want long hair, you have a long journey ahead of you. But that doesn’t mean growing out your hair is impossible. It’s important to remember from the beginning that it’s going to be quite a process, and patience is necessary. When your hair has grown out to the length you desire, it should be at its healthiest. The months or years that good hair growth requires should give you plenty of time to build up your perfect hair care routine. By the end of that time, you will be a pro when it comes to growing out your hair while keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Professional stylists can help you start your journey, especially if it’s been a while since your last salon visit. These tips will also equip you to give your hair the care it needs to grow out beautifully:

1. Repair your hair’s damage.

If you feel that your hair is already weakened or damaged by environmental abuse, create a foundation of strength. Kérastase’s Fibre Architecte is a reconstructing serum that can ensure a strong base before you truly begin the growing out process. From roots to end, this serum promotes health and provides essential nutrients. It also starts to reverse years of routine damage from environmental factors like heat and stress. Glossing and deep conditioning treatments also give your hair long-term protection.

2. Get your hair trimmed frequently.

It’s important to remember that trimming is necessary in order to keep hair healthy. Split ends caused by environmental wear and tear are hard to avoid. Trimming your hair frequently will result in less hair being removed than if you wait too long to trim. The damage from split ends can travel up the hair’s shaft, meaning more damage higher up. Schedule regular trims every eight to twelve weeks. These routine appointments mean you won’t have to remove a larger amount of damaged hair at the end of your growth phase.

3. Keep your hair conditioned.

One of the most important things you can do to keep hair vibrant is to condition it daily. Whether you’re just starting to grow out your hair or you’re nearing your goal, professional conditioners add vital nutrients to your locks. For your daily conditioning, try Fondant Fluidealiste to transform your hair to be softer, smoother, and more fluid. A quarter size amount is all you need to apply each day. Salon conditioners like Kérastase’s products help your hair defend against daily environmental damage. With the added moisture from this conditioner, you’ll make your hair stronger and healthier. It will also become easier to maintain and style.

4. Treat your hair and scalp equally.

When you’re growing out your hair, it’s easy to focus solely on the treatment of the hair itself. The scalp, however, can be just as important (if not more important) to maintaining health and beauty. To ensure that both your hair and scalp are getting the treatment they deserve, try The Gommage, an exfoliating treatment for your whole head.

5. Sleep on silk pillowcases.

The best way to retain moisture overnight is to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Cotton tends to absorb moisture, especially over an eight-hour period. That means you could be losing quite a bit of your hair’s volume and shine with the wrong pillowcase. Silk pillowcases aren’t as rough on hair and should have your hair feeling much more healthy after a night’s sleep.

Growing out your hair is a process that requires patience and routines. Don’t let the day-to-day tasks of maintaining health and shine bog you down. Once you have the right tools and a healthy trimming schedule, your long hair will grow strong and healthy. Book an appointment at Deseo Salon & BlowDry to start your hair’s journey with professional care.

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