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Cheers to fabulous hair in 2020! There’s no better reason to make a big change to your style than the advent of a new year. While it may be tempting to try the classic, “DIY” chop, we’d highly encourage our Denver clients to avoid “regret bangs” and come see our friendly style staff for your next big look. Bangs are a fantastic way to add volume to thin, fine hair. Check out these five bang styles for thin hair and get started on your 2020 #hairgoals.

1. Vintage Cleopatra Bangs

Straight across bangs are difficult to pull off with thicker hair types. This gorgeous, classic look was made for thin, fine locks! A chic Cleopatra bob (or lob!) is always on point. This cut is great for reviving tired, dull 2019 locks. Start the year with seamless, smooth radiance that will make you feel like a queen.

The key to maintaining this style is preserving your hair’s natural shine. Keep a bottle of Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime Bi-Phase Spray Oil nearby for a quick touch-up between shampoos.

2. Deep Side Part and Asymmetry

Perfection is all about the illusion of effortless beauty. Create fullness and volume with a deep side part and some trendy, swooping bangs. Long or medium hair types can pull off this trick by slowly switching over their part to lift hair at the roots. The end result is a bold, asymmetrical aesthetic that’s ready for the red carpet or a stroll through downtown Denver. Dress it up or down, style in braids or simply let your hair flow free!

A swooping side fringe is a good idea for those who aren’t fully ready to commit to more abrupt bangs. It’s also great if you worry about the upkeep involved in maintaining a straight across style. Plus, long bangs work well on every face shape and accentuate your gorgeous cheekbones.

For long and medium hair that’s undergone a major change, opt for a strengthening shampoo and conditioner combo like Kérastase’s moisture infused line of salon-quality products. Kérastase’s formula is ideal for fighting frizz and keeping your hair flawless.

3. Betty Page Barrel Bangs

Channel your inner pin-up with sweet, 50’s barrel bangs! A bold bang style is the best way to create lift and volume for thin hair. Delicate locks work well the overall Betty Page aesthetic and will have you feeling like a retro diva in no time.

But frequent heat treating and curling can leave your bangs feeling frizzed out and dull. Be sure to take a moment to treat your hair to masque at least once a week.

4. Rock a Grunge Fringe

The 1990s are back in 2020! If you thought your emo days were over, think again. A grunge fringe is the perfect style for guys or gals looking to volumize thin hair into a fun, textured bang. Bold and edgy, this style works best with short to medium-length do’s.

Just because high school styles are back on trend doesn’t mean you can care for your hair like a teenager again! If you’re thinking of adding a bright color to complete the punk vibe, be sure to care for your hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

5. Tinkerbell Pixie Cut

Now that we’ve explored the gorgeous glam of long bangs, it’s time to highlight short bang styles for thin hair. Pixie cuts are the ultimate summer statement, and you can rock it all year long. From Halle Berry to Jennifer Lawrence, many celebrities have rocked the edgy pixie-and-bangs cut throughout the years. This trend isn’t going anywhere in 2020! Embrace your hair’s naturally delicate texture with short, faerie-esque bangs to accent a cropped pixie. Shorter hair creates more texture and molds thin locks seamlessly into killer bangs.

If a drastic chop is calling your name, get acquainted with the full range of sculpting products available to manage your hair on “off” days. Scarves and accessories are also a great way to style your short locks when you’re running to and from the gym, or simply don’t have the time for a lengthy styling routine.

Book an appointment to get your New Year’s bangs today and have for more reasons to love your hair in 2020! If you love your style but you’re on the fence about your hair care, visit our salon this month. You can get 20% off our in-store products when you buy three. Our volumizing products can help any bang styles for thin hair shape up!

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