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Here’s the truth: winter can be a hard time for your hair. Between the general stress of the holiday season, dry, frigid temperatures, and using too many heating products to combat the cold, you may be experiencing “dry winter hair.” Of course, there are several great ways to combat winter hair in Denver, and Deseo Salon & BlowDry is here to show you how!


Fighting Dry Winter Hair in Denver

We all know the signs of dry winter hair. It starts with an itchy scalp followed by faded color, and sad, limp, super-dry hair. It seems like an easy fix to tuck it away beneath a cute beanie, but you (and your hair) deserve better!

There are two types of women in the world: those who go to the salon and those who don’t. If you’re the latter, don’t worry, you can still achieve amazing results with the help of high-end treatments and products. Yes, even in the comfort of home! Of course, if you are inclined to get pampered at the salon, we understand that it’s difficult to get your beauty routine on track after the holidays.

Let’s make a resolution to take better care of our hair and put an end to dry winter hair in Denver! We’ve put together three simple ways that you can maintain your hair and start 2018 feeling fresh and gorgeous.

Read on!


Moisturizing Shampoo

During the harsh winter months, moisturizing shampoo is an absolute necessity for your shower caddy. But don’t settle for just any moisturizing shampoo! It’s important to know the difference between good, high-end products, and low quality, drugstore products. The key here is finding a moisturizing shampoo that balances the essential oils of your scalp and hair.

Make your first visit (or only visit) to the salon an educational one. Ask your stylist about appropriate moisturizing shampoos for your hair type. We’ll also be happy to recommend other high-end hair care products that will help you maintain healthy hair. Be sure to ask our stylists how realistic at-home care can be achieved with high-quality products.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

A deep conditioning treatment during the winter months can help your hair regulate its essential oils and regain some much-needed volume. This treatment will hydrate, repair, and strengthen your fragile hair, leaving it feeling less brittle and straw-like. Desperate for soft, shiny, manageable hair? This treatment is for you!

There are at-home deep conditioning treatments available, but our stylists recommend professional treatments. We can explain the deep conditioning process from start to finish. We’ll explain how these high-end ingredients work to bring back much-needed moisture to your scalp and help your hair produce the oils it’s lacking due to extreme winter temperatures. Not to mention, you’ll see some extra bounce in your locks and benefit from the treatment’s ability to lock in moisture for longer-lasting results.


Glossing Treatment

During the dry winter months, color upkeep can seem impossible. The harsh, winter air and extra-hot showers wear away the natural oils your hair produces. No matter what texture or thickness you have, your hair is bound to suffer in winter.

But it’s 2018, so put up a fight and get your shine back! Whether you’ve color-treated your hair or not, a great moisturizing option is glossing. It’s a simple procedure that helps bring back shine to your dull winter hair. It also doesn’t require a terrible amount of maintenance but makes your hair look like you have been faithful to your hair stylist all winter break.


Visit Deseo Salon for All Your Hair Care Needs

The fact is, whether you’re a salon person or not, a trip to the salon can set you on the path to better hair year-round. So, start your beauty regimen for the year with high-quality treatments and ask our professionals about the best ways to maintain great hair.

Luckily, as the top salon in Denver, Deseo Salon & BlowDry is a great place to transform your hair, get advice, and feel pampered. Book an appointment today!

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