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Are you participating in “No-Shave November?” Good for you! Let your facial hair grow like the luxurious mane of a lion, and embrace the freedom of keeping that razor and shaving cream in your cabinet for a solid 30 days. But at the same time, style your hair like the serious professional that you are with the help of Deseo Salon & BlowDry. What can you do to keep a sharp look on top while growing that crisp beard? Here are 3 tips that can help you keep professional style during No-Shave November.

1. Keep It Short on Top

Sometimes shorter is better. As your beard grows out, you may want to keep a tight, clean look on top to balance things out. Perhaps a pompadour style would work well for your particular features. Maybe you would prefer a ducktail cut as a way to make your beard stand out and contrast with your look on top. Or you may even want to go all the way and get a buzz cut. At Deseo Salon & BlowDry, we have professional hairstylists who can help you pick from a plethora of different options. We want to make you look as fabulous as possible. You also you want to feel as comfortable with your hairstyle on top as you do with your facial hair.

Along with a perfectly tailored haircut, our male clients in the Denver area can come in for a touch-up. We offer a complimentary two-week neck trim service. So if you take advantage of this wonderful bonus that our salon offers, you can have that marvelously crisp feeling on your neck as well as your head. It also stops you from looking ragged during those mid-quarter business meetings and visits to your family. Maintain your professional style during No-Shave November easily.

2. Use Conditioner to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Many men feel that they can use shampoo and conditioner interchangeably. Sometimes, it can seem like you only need one or the other. Actually, conditioner works differently from shampoo, and you need both to keep your hair healthy. Whether you celebrate No-Shave November or not, using salon-quality shampoos and conditions like Kevin Murphy’s line of products keeps your hair healthy in the brisk Denver autumn.

Shampoo tends to open up hair cuticles, whereas conditioner does just the opposite. It closes the cuticles back up for protection. It seals in nutrients while keeping out chemicals or other substances that could damage the hair at the same time. Besides this effect on the overall health of your hair, conditioner also smooths or “pushes” down tiny cells on your hair that look a bit like fish scales. Once these are smoothed down, your hair is easier to style due to less friction. This extra maintenance step also tends to make your hair look more silky and shiny.

We carry many premier conditioning products at our salon, such as Re.Store nourishing conditioner, as well as other hair care products in the Kevin Murphy line. These products are excellent for both the health benefits that your hair craves and the stylish looks that keep your hair stylish.

3. Style with Comb and Cream

One simple way to get the look that you want up top is to use styling cream in the right way. Good cream, along with a trusty, old-fashioned comb, can go a long way. For example, many men prefer the classic look of a comb-over. This is also called a side part. To achieve this simple, classy style, you first want to find which side to part your hair on. You can find this out by examining the cowlick near the crown of your head.

If it swirls clockwise, you’ll want to part your hair on the left. If it’s counterclockwise, go right. Then you can work in a styling cream (or a water-based pomade, depending on your preference) that will allow you to hold the combed hair in place. Of course, there are many different professional hairstyles that call for styling cream. So save time to experiment a little,  and ask our professional stylists what November look is best for your hair! Find out what suits you.

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is Denver’s premier salon. We offer luxury hair care, luxury products, and luxury service; and we take our responsibility to our customers seriously. Book an appointment with us today, and find the best look for you during “No-Shave November!”

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