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Mobile Hair Salon in Denver, Colorado

Do you have a wedding, party, or group event coming up? Give us a call today and we can set up to have on of Denver’s premier stylists come to your event to bring you a mobile hair salon experience at your venue (please note mobile appointments cannot be booked online, and Deseo does NOT offer at home single services).

Deseo Salon & BlowDry is taking high-end luxury on the road. We’re reimagining the salon experience, thinking beyond the chair, and raising the bar as your mobile hairstylist — the beauty bar, that is! 

In the dynamic age of on-demand services, everything from 5-star dining to the latest movies can be delivered directly to you. So there’s no reason to remain stuck in the DIY bang trimming struggles of the past.

The future is now with the mobile hair salon revolution. Your personal hair salon for your event features all the signature services you’ve come to love from a neighborhood luxury salon, with the simplicity of ordering a bouquet. From highlights to haircuts, every service is custom-tailored to your usual salon expectations, neatly packed up in our glamour mobile, and brought to your event with a smile. 

Deseo Salon & BlowDry delivers beauty without boundaries. So join the mobile hair salon revolution today and explore all of our stunning services. 

Weddings & Events

wedding party with professionally styled hair

Stress is an uninvited wedding guest that no bride wants to deal with on her special day.

Let us take the hassle out of bridal hairstyles. Our mobile hair salon will bring the ‘happily ever after’ to you and your bridal party. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate affair or an extravagant, glamorous wedding party, our traveling bridal boutique is available from the reception to the after-party. Our flawlessly romantic bridal hairstyles are guaranteed to make every wedding photo even better.

Best of all, there’s no additional hassle of scheduling and commuting the bridal appointments. Let us know when your special occasion is taking place, and we’ll be ready to roll with full-service styling from the convenience of your home or venue. Think of our mobile hair salon as the salon of honor at your wedding. Through better and worse, we’ll always have your back.

Got a last-minute hair emergency? Then give us a call. Looking for the perfect bachelorette party look? Our stylists are standing by.

Deseo’s mobile hair salon proudly offers convenient booking for parties, family gatherings, and vacations as well. Special occasions deserve special luxury that doesn’t take time out of your itinerary.


Ever wanted to experience having a personal stylist? Now you can have it with Deseo’s mobile hair salon!

The same standard of excellence our clients have come to trust from our style team is now available in a hairstylist-at-home format. Mobile hair salons may be the way of the future, but not every salon-on-wheels delivers the level of luxury you and your hair deserve. Our talented, creative team holds a minimum of three years of education in the cosmetology industry. They’ve honed their skills at award-winning cosmetology schools, including Toni and Guy, the Aveda Institute, and the Paul Mitchell School. 

When we take our skills on the road, we bring the glitz and glamour with us. Our mobile hair salon has all the professional equipment of our HQ. From the best Wella hair colors available to salon-perfect straightening and smoothing treatments, all of our carefully curated services are available for your mobile hairstylist to create from the comfort of your own house. Clients are able to stick with their favorite stylist and stay on track with their usual maintenance and upkeep routine. Our speedy glamour squad can also install high-end hair extensions made from 100% blissfully radiant REMY hair.

In need of more than a quick deep conditioning treatment or style refresh? If you can dream it, then we can do it!

A Full-Service Experience for Everyone

Deseo’s mobile hair salon features full haircuts for men and women in Denver. Have an important job interview? We’ll be there before lunch. Or maybe you’ve procrastinated a bit on a special occasion and need a fresh haircut to rescue those Instagram photos. Your mobile hairdresser has your back with salon-to-door high fashion looks that sizzle and delight.

Best of all, our clients receive a full concierge service, with style advice tailored to your unique hair type, tone, and texture. Our home hairdressers can provide personalized recommendations on the best products for your hair type, as well as color consultations and expert insights on your most flattering haircut ever.

Book your mobile hair salon appointment today and discover the magic of instant style delivered straight to your door.


Beauty doesn’t have to be a pain in your schedule when you and your friends need to prepare for the upcoming party or wedding. We understand that booking a regular salon visit isn’t always feasible, especially when a busy calendar has us running from work to the gym and everywhere else in town. An active lifestyle is what we love most about our Denver clients. 

However, it can be challenging to prioritize our needs when life gets busy. Indulging ourselves in the things that make us look and feel our best is an important aspect of self-care. A great head of hair boosts our confidence, gives us back some of our precious ‘me time’ to simply sit and relax at the salon, and motivates us to stay strong throughout the week.

In short, beauty is an investment in ourselves.

Deseo’s amazing mobile hair salon in Denver is opening up new possibilities for busy beauty gurus. We’re happy to work with your schedule and offer our clients the convenience and flexibility of a full-service salon at home. 

While booking an appointment may be simple, there’s no quick-and-easy haircutting here! Our clients receive superb style from experienced home hair stylists that deliver sophistication and distinction. Think of our mobile hair salon as a high-end experience that fits seamlessly on your calendar.

Best of all, keeping up with your hair is easy and effortless. Our friendly neighborhood mobile stylists are happy to schedule your next appointment during your visit. Maintaining gorgeous hair can be a challenge when there simply isn’t enough time in the day to hurry over to your favorite salon. Now the salon can come to you, so you never miss a moment of glamour.


At Deseo, we believe in the beauty of inclusion. We recognize that fostering a more inclusive community goes beyond simply voicing our support. As a proud Colorado business, it’s our mission to advocate for the values that make our Rocky Mountain beauty community so strong. That means developing innovative solutions to ensure that no Coloradan ever has to suffer through a bad hair day.

Mobile services provide a greater range of possibility for our stylists and our clients. We recognize that a traditional salon chair isn’t for everyone, so we want to make our luxury hair experience as comfortable and accessible as we can. With our innovative approach to mobile hair salons in Denver, we’re able to reach so many more friendly faces, take the experience of a luxury hair salon to new heights, and dazzle and inspire with even more haircuts, colors, highlights, and lowlights. We love adding miles to our mobile hair salon and smiles to our clients’ faces. 

Charting new horizons in the hair, health, and beauty scene is what we do best. Our expert style team is happy to be getting out on the road to bring celebrity fashion to our Denver streets, one neighborhood at a time. Call us at 720-662-7100 to talk to a team member about setting up and scheduling a mobile appointment.