Hairstylist Compensation

Our hairstylist compensation currently averages $109,696 per year! We pay our hairstylists on a sliding commission scale that tops out at 70% for services, 15% for retail. This ensures the highest performing hairstylists make the most money in the salon industry at Deseo. Coupled with our world class benefits, and a marketing machine that will have you busy from day one – you won’t find a better place to accelerate your career! Use this worksheet to compare what you’re making at your current salon vs. what you would make at Deseo.


Enter how much in MONTHLY GROSS SALES you perfom in hair extension services only


Enter how much in MONTHLY GROSS SALES you perfom EXCLUDING hair extensions

Total monthly gross service sales


Enter how much you sell on average in MONTHLY RETAIL PRODUCT SALES

Estimated MONTHLY Gross Wages Including Tips at Deseo $ 0.00

Estimated ANNUAL Gross Wages Including Tips at Deseo $ 0.00

In addition to the highest compensation in the industry, Deseo also provides fully paid health insurance, several time off plans - one of which includes an option for unlimited time off, 401(k) plan, 3 1/2 day work week, and more!

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Apply Now Note: all amounts provided on this page are estimates only and are not guaranteed by Deseo. These are averages that vary depending on services offered and the individual stylist. Contact Deseo to learn more.