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Bob Trotta discovers your STYLE

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“scratch, poke, peel, and taste… but most importantly observe the things you want to learn about.”

— bob trotta


Bob Trotta Fashion Consultancy provides personalized and private fashion and and accessory consultations for business and entertainment executives in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

In order to discover your style you can bumble with magazines, ask your sister-in-law, or even get advice from your mistress, but no one will really be able to guide you unless you are honest with yourself and open yourself to constructive criticism.

Many of Mr. Trotta’s client have spent years listening to the wrong people, or worse to their own false perceptions. Many men let mass marketing, magazines, and the stars of Hollywood at the Oscar’s or the Cannes Film Festival influence what they wear and who they want to be.

Bob Trotta takes a different approach and cuts through all these layers of mass opinion to help your discover your “best style” with his “targeted style” process.
Questions that Mr. Trotta may ask you to help you discover the man that lies in the clothes that you were meant to wear.

“When is the last time that someone that you admired commented on something that you own?”

“What is the sensation that you feel when you wear your most comfortable clothes? What kind of clothes are they?”

“What accessory is one that you have never been able to see yourself with?”

These questions plus dozens of others and hundreds of subtle observations made by Mr. Trotta during your pleasant meetings will lead him to the answers that he needs to design your “targeted wardrobe of success”. By the time that you finish with your first “trial session” you will be well on your way to learning the style rules that will make your goals come true.

@Bob Trotta discovers your STYLE – Bob Trotta Fashion

Yes, that is very important. Bob Trotta Fashion does not dress you nor is Mr. Trotta interested in being your personal aid. There is no offer that you can make him that will motivate him to leave his self-obtained lifestyle to be your employee.

What he does guarantee is that he will teach what you need to know and what you have always known about yourself and your style. With that knowledge and with periodic “trials” at future dates where Bob Trotta’s Fashion team and Mr. Trotta himself present new additions to your personalized fashion collection you will always have the aid that you need.

Rules of style that help define your possibilities

Style is Important to your success. – You are a man that is judge by your words, actions, commitments, and results all the time. Understand that the right presentation of your personality and goals via your clothes and fashion accessories can make the difference in how you are judge, weighed, and measured.
Dress to Lead. – Regardless where you go and who you are with you are the best dressed person in the room because your clothes say who are.
The only fit is a tailored fit. – Be prepared to know your body type and find the tailor that understands it as well. Once this is achieved you will always look your best.
Pressence is an investment. – Whether it is money or time an investment needs to made in order ensure your success. Most busy professionals do not take the time to invest in their presence and suffer the results.
Practice what you have been preached. – Once you have your “best style” defined you must put it practice. It takes time for your styled wardrobe to fully become an extension of you and your goals. It is not just a question to wear clothes. It is a question of feeling good in the clothes that you wear.
You are a confidence and elegance. — You have taken the right steps to define your world in the clothes and accessories that you wear. A smile is the best way to let the world know it!
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What are some men’s fashion styles from the 70’s that are coming back today?

More about Bob Trotta Fashion

Bob Trotta is a high end, men’s fashion consultant that has exclusive clients all around the world. Learn more about what he can do for you today!

Are you looking to know more about Men’s Fashion? Do you wan to learn how to look your best? Let Bob Trotta Fashion start your journey to destination of looking and feeling your best!

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